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Exam Schedule:

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Midterm No. 1: Monday, October 6 7:10-8:30 PM
Midterm No. 2: Wednesday, November 5 7:10-8:30 PM
Final Exam: Monday, December 8 7:10-9:10 PM

Where to take the Exams:

Office Hours

Office Hours for Final Exam
Professor: Wednesday, Dec 3, 10:15-11:00 am, 3314 Weill
Friday, Dec 5, 2-3 pm, 3314 Weill
GSI: Tuesday, Dec 2, 10-11 am, 112 Lorch
Thursday, Dec 4, 10-11 am, 112 Lorch
Friday, Dec 5, 10-11 am, 112 Lorch
Monday, Dec 8, 12-1 pm, 142 Lorch

What's Covered on the Final Exam?

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Old Exams:

Midterm 1: 2003 PDF Word PDF Word
Midterm 1: 2002 PDF Word PDF Word
Midterm 2: 2003 PDF Word PDF Word
Midterm 2: 2002 PDF Word PDF Word
Final Exam: 2003 PDF Word PDF Word
Final Exam: 2002 PDF Word PDF Word

Exam Postmortems: Questions, Answers, and Distribution Statistics

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Midterm No. 1 - Postmortem

Midterm No. 2 - Postmortem

Final Exam - Postmortem

*Course grades are based on a curve of all components of the grade at the end of the course. The curves shown here for individual exams and the letter grades reported with your scores are only to give you an approximate idea of how you are doing.