Janet and Robert Wolfe Genealogy

Gladys Verlillia Mae Wolfe

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Ancestors of Gladys Verlillia Mae Wolfe

               ┌─Edward Livingston Wolf ⇒

          ┌─Ira Gerald Wolfe 

          │    └─Anna M Brenizer ⇒

     ┌─Charles Marion Wolfe 

     │    │    ┌─Joseph Ritner Brenizer ⇒

     │    └─Clara Verlillia Brenizer 

     │         └─Sarah Ann Weigle ⇒

 Gladys Verlillia Mae Wolfe 

     │         ┌─Isaiah Hinson Pickett ⇒

     │    ┌─Charles T Pickett 

     │    │    └─Nancy Cochran ⇒

     └─Petrovna Jane Pickett 

          │    ┌─Michael C Page ⇒

          └─Elizabeth R Page 

               └─Sarah C Schooley ⇒