Zhe Zhao    -- 赵 哲 --    [cv]

Office: zhezhao@
1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy
Mountain View, CA 94043
Google AI
Email: zhezhao AT google DOT com

Short Bio

I am a Sr. Research Scientist at Google Brain. I received my PhD in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. My PhD advisor was Professor Qiaozhu Mei at School of Information. And my research interests focus on applied machine learning, data mining, and information retrieval. I got my Bachelor and MSI's degrees from Department of Computer Science, Peking University, 2008 and 2011. My advisor in PKU was Professor Bin Cui.


  • Building Google scale multi-objective learning models and infrastructure for ranking and recommendation.

  • Dissertation: Detecting Icebergs by Their Tips: Identify Target Clusters from Individual Post Stream.
            -- Persuasion Campaign Detection. (Presidential Campaign, Commercials, and Terriost Propoganda, etc.)
            -- Early stage rumor detection.    [press: umich, phys.org, etc.]
            -- Detecting Information Need on Twitter

  • Internship at Google: provide recommendations to tens of millions of users in Social Research team.
  • Internship at Twitter: provide recommendations to tens of millions of users in Trends team.   [press ]
  • Political Tweets Classification
  • Rumor Retrieval(UM VPN required)

    Selected Publications

    • Zhe Zhao, Paul Resnick, Qiaozhu Mei. Enquiring Minds: Early Detection of Rumors in Social Media from Enquiry Posts. WWW 2015
    • Zhe Zhao, Zhiyuan Cheng, Lichan Hong, Ed Chi. Improving User Topic Interest Profiles by Behavior Factorization. WWW 2015
    • Shoubin Kong, Qiaozhu Mei, Ling Feng, Fei Ye, Zhe Zhao. Predicting bursts and popularity of hashtags in real-time. SIGIR 2014 (short paper).
    • Zhe Zhao, Qiaozhu Mei. Questions about Questions: An Empirical Analysis of Information Needs on Twitter. WWW2013
    • Jingdong Wang, Zhe Zhao, Jiazhen Zhou, Hao Wang, Bin Cui, Guojun Qi. Recommending Flickr Groups with Social Topic Model. Journal of Information Retrieval 2012
    • Zhe Zhao, Bin Cui, Gao Cong, Yuxin Huang, Hengtao Shen. Extracting Representative Motion Flows for Effective Video Retrieval. Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP 2012).
    • Bin Cui, Anthony Tung, Ce Zhang, Zhe Zhao, Multiple Feature Fusion for Social Media Applications. ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data (ACM SIGMOD2010).
    • Zhe Zhao, Bin Cui, Wee Hyong Tok, Jiakui Zhao, Efficient Similarity Matching of Time Series Cliques with Natural Relations. 26th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2010, short paper).
    • Bin Cui, Zhe Zhao, Wee Hyong Tok. A Framework for Similarity Search of Time Series Cliques with Natural Relations. IEEE Transaction on Data and Knowledge Engineering (TKDE 2012).
    • Bin Cui, Zhe Zhao. Representative Motion Flow Extraction for Effective Video Classification and Retrieval, US Patent, Pub No. US2012/0275521 A1
             (Google Scholar)


  • Reviewer: ICWSM2013, ICWSM2015, Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP) since 2012, IEEE Internet Computing, CHI2015.
  • Program Committee: WWW2016, WSDM2016, CIKM2015, WWW2015, WWW2014, ICWSM2014

    Project Reports

    • Replication on Affinity Propagation: Clustering by Passing Messages Between Data Points, for EECS592. pdf (Warning: got a B)
    • Cut the Tail: Mobile Energy Saving Using Radio Tail Prediction, for EECS589. pdf
    • Detecting Information Need In Large Scale Social Media Content, for EECS584. pdf

    Something About Me

    I practice and love Kendo. I like archery, snowboarding, ice skating, and maybe swimming. And I am on a diet!!
    I also like New Age music, J-pop, E-pop, C-pop, V-pop, ..., and all kinds of wonderful music, I play Hawaii-Guitar but not in a fancy way... and I hate nothing!

    Last Updated: March, 2016.