Track Maps

This page contains track schematics for several North American rail lines and stations created by myself.  This is a rather arbitrary selection of track maps without any particular system to this collection, mostly for Midwestern stations I visited over time and found interesting enough to warrant my time expenditure to create such schematics or lacking adequate track diagrams elsewhere.  Most are hand drawn and scanned to a PDF file, but some are more sophisticated.  If you are looking for my page of East Slavic metro track maps, you can find it here.

  Rail Transit   Railroad
  Detroit Streetcar   West Detroit junctions (2 pages)
  Cleveland RTA Tower City station   Toledo Amtrak station
  Cleveland RTA E. 55th St. station (before the rebuild)   Cleveland Amtrak station
      St. Paul Amtrak station
      Minneapolis Northstar station
      Philadelphia SEPTA/Amtrak 30th St. station (3 pages)

October 03, 2017 - Detroit Streetcar map updated.

May 20, 2017 - this page opened.

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Last update: October 03, 2017.

Created by Yuri Popov.