Yuri's transit pages

It is not a secret to many that I am interested in various aspects of passenger transportation, mostly urban transportation and all forms of rail transit.  My particular interest is maps, both digital and hard copies.  As a result, I created a number of web-pages devoted to these subjects.  Recently updated pages are marked as (updated).

Rail transit ‑ my most systematic yet incomplete page on rail transit

Rail transit maps ‑ my maps of metro (heavy-rail) and regional-rail systems in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus (updated)

Future projects:  Moscow Metro (updated) and St. Petersburg Metro (updated) ‑ two pages I maintain for urbanrail.net

Line by line CIS metro statistics (updated)

Metro service frequency in CIS (updated)

Electrified passenger railroads in North America (updated)

Track maps ‑ my track schematics for some North American rail lines and stations (new!)

Rail maps of the Chicago metropolitan area

Directions ‑ basic directions between transportation hubs (airports and intercity rail stations) in Chicago and Los Angeles (updated)

Amtrak Wolverine timetable ‑ current schedules of the intercity rail service Chicago ‑ Ann Arbor ‑ Detroit ‑ Pontiac (updated)

Extra maps for exchange ‑ a list of spare transit maps (hard copies) that I am willing to exchange for other transit maps (updated)

Random thoughts on various transit modes

CIS metro statistics ‑ in Russian (updated)

What I wrote about North-American rail systems ‑ personal impressions and travel notes (in Russian)

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Last update: May 20, 2017.