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University of Michigan Football

Unofficial Recruiting Page

Verbal Commitments

Committments: 20

Chad CarpenterJohn AnesEric WilsonDave Brandt
Ian GoldJason KapsnerPaul TannousSteve Hutchinson
Jeff BackusTommy HendricksCory SargentRussell Shaw
LeAundre BrownAaron WrightGrady BrooksMarcus Knight
Dhani JonesJeff DelVerneJerry Dioron-JohnsonJason Foster

Commitments by Position
QB: 1RB: 1FB: 2TE: 1WR: 4OL: 3
DL: 2LB: 2DB: 2P: 1K: 1

Revised: 2/8/96

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