Pencil Sketches


A sketch done while visiting Cranbrook Academy, in 2002 or 2003, alongside with a photo taken from approximately the same position, a few weeks later.



Another sketch from a visit to Cranbrook, with a photo taken from a spot a few feet away.


These sketches were done at Notre Dame Cathedral, in Paris, during a 1998 conference trip. The sketch on the left was done at about midnight, since I was at the conference during the day. I'm not sure why the right side is incomplete; I might have just gotten too tired to finish the sketch. The image on the right is of a monument in the cemetery behind the cathedral, drawn during my half-day of sightseeing after the conference.


A sketch done at Montecello in the mid 1990's.


A sketch of the Jefferson Memorial, done during a visit in the mid 1980's.


A freehand drawing from back in my undergraduate days, done for a studio taught by a Beaux Arts-trained professor. It is about 15" x 18", done using a mixture of pencil and carpenter's pencil.


Two more sketches from the studio with the Beaux Arts-trained professor. Each is about 15" x 22", done using mainly pencil. All three sketches for this studio were freehand copies of illustrations from books, assigned because the instructor felt that there wasn't enough artistry in studio.


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