Agent W

ST 13; DX 14; IQ 16; HT 12.

Advantages: Legal Enforcement Powers (15 pts.), Alertness +4, Combat Reflexes, Intuition, Patron: The Agency.

Disadvantages: Fanatacism to the cover-up, Duty to The Agency, No Sense of Humor.

Quirks: Always polite, Chooses cover names that begin with 'W'.

Skills: Acting-17; Blackjack-16; Computer Ops-20; Computer Programming-18; Detect Lies-16; Disguise-16; Driving (Car)-13; Electronic Ops (Communications)-16; Fast-Draw (Pistol)-16; Fast-Talk-16; First Aid-16; Forgery-15; Guns (Pistol)-18; Guns (Rifle)-18; Interrogation-16; Intimidation-17; Karate-17; Knife-15; Lockpicking-15; Occultism-15; Photography-16; Physiology-15; Poisons-15; Psychology-15; Research-16; Shadowing-17; Stealth-16; Swimming-13; Tracking-16.

Agent W is so named because he was preceded by Agent V, and will eventually be replaced by Agent X. He is a prototypical Man in Black, and called in by The Agency when matters get too sticky for their normal methods of cover-ups and intimidation. Agent W is ruthless in the pursuit of his assignments. He does his job not because he enjoys it, but because he knows that it is necessary.

The man who was to become Agent W rose quickly through the ranks of the NSA. Members of The Agency hand-picked him to become an operative. He was further cross-trained by the KGB and the Israeli secret service before becoming The Agency's top operative three years ago.

Agent W dislikes direct confrontation, preferring to work behind the scenes to hamper and interfere with his targets. He is a master of disguise and could become anyone from a trash collector to a bank teller to a CEO. He prefers to work alone, but will call upon The Agency for back-up if needed.

Agent W should prove to be an effective nemesis for the PCs. Though they may wish to get rid of Agent W, they will be less happy with his replacement; Agent X enjoys his work tremendously...

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