New Elixers

Franken (Elixer of Golem Making): Unguent only. When rubbed on an appropriate vessel, the vessel is animated as per the Golem spell (p. M39) but with no energy cost or skill roll required. $1,500 + cost of vessel in materials; 7 weeks. Cost: $6,000/$8,500.

Schrincker (Elixer of Shrinking): Potion only. Once ingested, the potion causes a brief tingling sensation for about two seconds until with a sudden *POP* the person shrinks down to roughly six inches in height. $200 in materials; 3 weeks. Cost: $600/$1,000.

Sigroy (Elixer of Tiger Control): Subject may control tigers, as per the Mammal Control spell (p. M22) but with no energy cost or skill roll required, for 3dx5 minutes. Any form except pastille. $200 in materials; 2 weeks. Cost: $600/$1,150.

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