Schrincker's Guards

Schrincker has used his Franken elixir to create about 30 flesh golems as his guards; see page M106 for a description of flesh golems.

From a distance, the guards appear to simply be very large bald men wearing skirts of palm leaves and carrying scimitars. Even up close they will appear to the untrained eye to just be very ugly large bald men; for all his faults, Schrincker has done an excellent job of preserving the dead bodies before being able to transform them.

About 20 of the guards encircle Schrincker's tent, while the rest stand around inside waiting for something to happen. Schrincker is quite lazy and loves to have servants around who will cater to his every whim. Any attempt to attack Schrincker will provoke an instant response from his guards, including moving their bodies directly in the way of any assault if need be.

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