The Bath Otter

Another interesting inhabitant of the Tadertädt Valley is the Bath Otter, a cute little mammal which resemble in almost every way a normal everyday otter except for in one respect: When immersed in hot or warm water, the bath otter secretes a soapy substance which is excellent for bathing in; it keeps the skin soft while lifting away grime and oil. The bath otter also loves to just splash around and rub its furry body up against bare skin while it swims around, meaning that it will scrub you by itself as well.

Alas, a bath otter can only do this so many times before it runs out of soap and stops working; biologists theorize that there must be something in its diet or environment that stimulates or replenishes its reserves. So after 3d6 uses, the bath otter must be returned to its natural habitat and another captured for use. Native Tadertädtans often use bath otters to bathe their small children, and more than one none-to-bright Tadertädtan has been known to lose track of their infant amid the soap and dumping both their child and the bath otter back into the river, giving rise to the colorful Tadertädtan phrase: "Throwing out the baby with the bath otter."

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