Some Projects I've Worked on Recently

Collateral material makes up one part of my work, and I've included a sampling of current and recent EECS/CSE work below. Please note that I have been lucky to work with talented graphic designer Rose Anderson in bringing many of these projects to life. EECS-level projects have been accomplished in conjunction with my EECS/ECE colleague Catharine June. Most video projects are made in collaboration with local videographer Mike Hensel.

Current Work

Program website

Faculty profile video

Annual News Magazine (PDF)

eNews mailing

Conference website


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department Website

Computer Science/LSA Website


Larry D. Leinweber Gives $2.4 Million to Fund Students in Computer Science

Technological Singularity Passes, Unnoticed Until Now (ha ha)

Tom Conrad – Motivated by the Music (PDF)

Dick Costolo – In the Moment (PDF)

Nancy Benovich Gilby – Entrepreneur x10 (PDF)

Greg Joswiak – From EECS at Michigan to Marketing at Apple: The Path to the Post-PC Era (PDF)

Sid Meier – The Godfather of Games (PDF)


Here are a few I'd like to highlight. You can find additional videos on the EECS YouTube channel, but many there were made without my involvement.

MiBytes Summer Camp - 2014

Meet the MAEBots

Meet the Faculty of CSE: Michael Cafarella

Meet the Faculty of CSE: Edwin Olson

Student Focus: Internships in Computer Science

Software Engineering Class Hacks Autism

Email Communications:

I issue a CSE eNewsletter nine times a year. You can see archived copies on the CSE Publications page.

Social Media:

EECS Facebook page

EECS YouTube channel

Annual News Magazine:

Catharine June and I issue a news magazine each year. You can see archived copies on the CSE Publications page.

Collateral Material:

I create print materials for computer science and engineering. You can see archived copies on the CSE Publications page.

Misc. Graphics:

I work with Rose Anderson to create a boatload of posters, slides, logos, signs, and other graphics for use in publicizing or enhancing lecture series, proposals, events, workshops, etc.

Other Websites I've Built (that are currently live)

The Yellow Barn, 2015 (currently a rework of a past site; update pending)

Computational Healthcare at Michigan, 2014

Center for Computer Security and Society, 2014

David Chesney Faculty Website, 2014

The Hungry Sea, 2013

Annual Computer Science for High School Teachers (CS4HS) Workshop, 2009–2013

Network and Security Research Group, 2013

Computer Science through College of LSA, 2012 in conjunction with Inner Circle Media

Patrick C. Fischer Professorship Symposium, 2012

Sid Meier's Game Design Boot Camp, 2012

CS Connections, 2009-2012

John Laird Faculty Website, 2011

Trevor Mudge Faculty Website, 2011

Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN), 2010

E2UDC Info Page and Logo Download Page, 2010

Past Work (before U-M)

There's been an awful lot of it. Technical manuals at Allen-Bradley Company Systems Division and at Irwin Magnetic Systems. Manuals, sales literature, advertising, and trade show support at View Engineering/SVS. Corporate communications at GSI Group, which included managing a national agency, directing comminutions for two of the company's business units, supporting trade shows worldwide, and a major corporate rebranding.

Much of the GSI Group work was done in close collaboration with Ted Hutchins (and the rest of the Corporate Communications team) up in Ottawa. One of these days, I'll put a few samples here. In the meantime, some of it is still on the Hutchins Crang website (which I no longer have a stake in).