Environmental Justice

Mrs. Saleem's Honors Biology (P.5)

An Analysis of Michigan Communites in Detroit and Ann Arbor

Understanding Goals:

•    What are some causes, types and impacts of pollution?
•    Define Environmental Racism.
•    Define Environemental Justice.
•    How do I extract demographic and environmental information from charts, graphs and tables?  And, how do I draw conclusions from this information?
•    How do I navigate the web and gather pertinent information?
•    Do you think there is a case of Environmental Racism when looking at the Detroit and Ann Arbor communities?

Major Concepts:  Pollution, Environment, Racism, Justice

Project (5 days):  Click on Project to see Outline and Paper Rubric

Detroit & Ann Arbor Communities


Race Distribution Economically Disadvantaged                         

Median Household Income   Limited English Proficient

Adults with at Least a Bachelor's Degree Lone-Parent Households with Children


Air Pollution                                                                          
Hazardous Waste Facilities                                                                  

Water Pollution  
Toxic Waste Facilities

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