Project-Environmental Justice (5 days):

This project consists of 2 parts. Before you begin, please read through this entire page.

1.    Pre-Project Questions: 
Before we begin this project, each student must complete a pre-project thinking questionnaire .  Students may not use any sources (book, internet, etc.) for help. This handout is designed to get your brains thinking about certain key words and concepts.  This handout will most likely be a homework assignment due the start day of the project.

2.    Case Analysis:  Detroit and Ann Arbor Communities—Are these communities cases of Environmental Racism?

a.    Students will pair up for this portion of the project.  Students will have three days to browse the internet and any other sources of information relating to Detroit & Ann Arbor Communities and/or Environmental Racism/Justice.  Students must take note of the sources of their information so that they can cite material for part c.

b.    A 2-4 page, type-written, double-spaced paper will be due one week following the last in-class day for information-gathering.  You will have two class periods to begin your paper.  This paper will be written by partners and must address the following questions:

Paragraph 1--Introduction:
-What are your definitions of environmental racism and environmental justice? Why?
-When looking at both the Detroit and Ann Arbor communities, do cases of environmental racism exist?  (1-2 sentences proof will be given in the next paragraphs)

Paragraph 2-5--Body:
-Give some examples/evidence of why you think environmental racism exists in the Detroit and/or Ann Arbor communities.  Use the data from the tables, charts and graphs located on the Environmental Justice website, or any other source of information that you may have used.  

Paragraph 6—Conclusion
-If there exists a case of environmental racism in either community, what do you think students could do to promote environmental justice?  Give a few examples and why you think they are good examples.
-If there does not exist a case of environmental racism in either community, do you think cases of environmental racism exist in other areas of Michigan?  Why? Do you think environmental racism exists in other parts of the United States of America?  Why?

c.    Sources Cited: 
Each pair must list their sources in a bibliographic format.  Students must have 1-2 sentences describing what information was gathered from each source.

Each pair will hand 2 pre-question sheets, one 2-4 paged paper, and one sources cited paper.  When Mrs. Saleem announces the due date for this assignment, please write it down in your planners.


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