Cartography Workshop

June 20, 22, and 25, 2001, 9a.m. to noon.
Harper Library, Room 406.

Sandra Lach Arlinghaus, Ph.D.
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Adjunct (Full) Professor of Mathematical Geography and Population-Environment Dynamics, School of Natural Resources and Environment;
Adjunct Professor, College of Architecture and Urban Planning.
Community Systems Foundation, Ann Arbor, Director, Spatial Analysis Division; Member, Board of Trustees
Director, Institute of Mathematical Geography
President and Director of Web Design, Arlinghaus Enterprises
City of Ann Arbor Planning Commissioner and Environmental Commissioner;;

Session 1
June 20, 9a.m. to noon.

Identifying Useful Online World Studies Resources and an Introduction to Searching for Maps on the Internet

Session 2
June 22, 9a.m. to noon.

Presentation on Contemporary and Computer-assisted Cartography

Session 3
June 25, 9a.m. to noon.

Instructional Session on Creating Web Sites

Resource CDThis CD includes a wide variety of maps.  Some, such as the files in the GIS Maps folder, contain subnational boundaries by country and are suitable for use as base maps.  Others are simply images that may be useful as a base for a clickable map or for insertion into a Word document.  Yet others are files that can be loaded into ArcView.  This CD is distributed by the author free of charge and neither it, nor any of its files, are to be sold.

A few hard copy references are listed below, arranged in chronological order.   Some are classical, some are contemporary.  Most authors have written a number of books on cartography.  These few are offered as entry points to the literature at various time periods.

Jefferson, Mark. The civilizing rails. Economic Geography, 1928, 4, 217-231.

Raisz, Erwin.  General Cartography.  New York:  McGraw-Hill, 1938 (and later by various publishers).

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