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Miki Topiol, Shelly's great aunt from Israel "Doda Miki"
written on 2-2-99

Meetings with Shelly in Israel were always special. Our last one was in Park-Hayarkon, Where members of the family, many friends and their children, came to see Ruti, Shelly and Maia. Shelly recognized everybody, knew the names of each of us although we saw her so few times. She approached us as if she had been with us every day, and did not loose contact.

Avram and I were sitting on a bench, children were playing with a ball and running. All of the sudden Shelly came close to us and in her special grace, Asked me if I could make her hair into braids, Because her loose hair disturbed her while running and it could be much nicer for her to wear braids. I was not good at all in braiding, hesitated for a moment but Shelly encouraged me, And said: " It will be all right, please!" . She placed her self in front of me. At the end, when it was done, She said in her soft voice: " You see Miki, My braids are beautiful, Thank-you", and ran to her friends.

It was an unforgettable moment, A moment of private talk and attention of her to me, so we could talk quietly for a while, Shelly knew how to contact people in a very natural way that one could imagine, so clever, so sensible, so pretty and she was only six.

Doda Miki braiding Shelly's hair, August 1997

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