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Memories of Shelly
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Emily Eisbruch
written on 1-24-99

I remember Shelly as a beautiful girl with wonderful thick and wavy brown hair. She sometimes wore headbands and she looked very pretty in them. Her hair was striking and it was always well taken care of.

I remember Shelly walking into school in a brightly colored raincoat. Shelly looked adorable and ready to go in her Brownie vest on Thursday afternoons. We also remember how cute Shelly was in her dance recitals at the Ann Arbor Civic Theater.

I remember D. (my daughter) and Shelly making friendship bracelets together and playing card games together with Ruti at Fuller Park. D. remembers having a lovely time making hamentashen with Shelly and Ruti. D. and Shelly liked playing mancala together. D. remembers how Shelly loved to dress up in costumes. Once when Shelly was at our house, we took a walk to Thurston Pond and Shelly collected dandelions. Also, we remember Shelly collecting little shells at Point Pelee. D. and I remember the fun we had playing badminton with Shelly during a camping evening at Pickney.

Shelly at Point Pellee, 4-98.

Shelly always seemed to speak, and to do most things, carefully and deliberately. D. says that Shelly wasn't a big talker but when she said something, it was well thought about.

Shelly was a very thoughtful big sister. When Shelly and her sister were both at our house or when I babysat them at their house, Shelly would explain to me what her sister needed or what she liked and didn't like (the light on and a certain tape for falling asleep). Shelly did this in a very caring and sweet way.

Shelly showed me some of the artwork she had done at the hospital and she seemed happy about it. She would explain to me the videos or cartoons that she and her sister were watching (I usually had a hard time following what was going on in them). Shelly was amazingly cooperative about taking her medicine. She wanted her parents to come in to kiss her when they returned home, even if it was after she was asleep.

Shelly was very attached to her Mom. Ruti and Shelly were a team, with great love and total understanding for each other. They loved to go to arts event together. I remember the special happiness and excitement once when they were able to go backstage to see the dancers after a dance performance.

Backstage after a performance of the Harlem Nutcracker
Shelly and her mom got to meet one of the dancers backstage, after a performance of the Harlem Nutcracker. (December 12, 1997)

Shelly was quite direct and honest. Once when we showed up late for a picnic, Shelly told us "You're late!". This let us know that Shelly cared about us and it was really a good feeling (even though we were sorry for being so late). Directness was one of her special qualities. Shelly and D. liked to be together at our gatherings, since they were often the two oldest girls. D. would look forward to going because she would have Shelly to play with.

Shelly was a wonderful artist. I remember especially the terrific portrait of her Grandfather and a picture of an alligator on a log. The alligator was a wonderful green color. Displayed in the halls of school, I once saw a very beautiful and striking picture that Shelly made of King Achashverosh. D. remembers Shelly's wonderful drawing of a shoe. Shelly and D. took a drawing class together at the Dinosaur Museum.

Shelly coloring King Achashverosh at school, Purim (March) 1998

Avi and I -- along with many others -- also consider the way that Ruti and Howard cared for Shelly, making each day special and meaningful, to be an inspiration.

These are just a few of our memories of a beautiful girl -- Shelly Volk.

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