Shelly at her sixth birthday
Shelly at her sixth birthday, July 1997

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Christy Nemerovski
Christy baby-sat for us since Shelly was about 4 years old
written in June 1999

I think about Shelly and Maia all the time. I loved baby-sitting for them. I have so many fond memories of taking them to the park, playing games, playing the piano, getting them ready for bed, and reading to them. Shelly never wanted to go to bed. She always wanted another story. When I'd finally tell her it was time to go to bed, we had a routine. I would go over to her closet and look through it to make sure there weren't any monsters. Than I'd tell the "monsters" to "leave Shelly alone tonight", than I'd turn off her light and leave her door halfway open with the hall light on.

Shelly was always showing me things she had done in school or new toys she had gotten. She showed me a big "thing" she had constructed from Lego's. Shelly always let me have a piece of candy from the goodie bag from the latest birthday party she'd gone to.

Shelly loved me to paint her nails. I always tried to remember to bring nail polish, Sometimes I let her keep them. If I happened to forget nail polish one day she'd look sad for a moment, and say "that's okay, bring it next time."

Shelly doing her nails
Shelly doing her nails (April 17, 1998)
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As you probably know I have the most vivid memories of Shelly's art. I was stunned by her creativity and enthusiasm. but most of all, by her talent. Drawing was all she wanted to in her spare time. Sometimes I'd make her her lunch, and she'd say "Can I eat it in there so I can finish this picture?" Sometimes she'd ask me if she could watch "The Magic Schoolbus" or "Rugrats" and after five minutes of the show, she was back to the coffee table drawing.

Maia and Shelly riding on Pegasus
Maia and Shelly riding on Pegasus, May 1998.

I've had some difficult baby-sitting jobs before. Shelly and Maia were never difficult. Baby-sitting Shelly was fun for me. She was obedient, respectful, honest playful and charming. I'll never forget how she and Maia loved to play "airplane", where they ride on my feet! You did a wonderful job raising Shelly for the years she was with us. She was truly a joy to be around. She will always have a special place in my heart.

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