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Annie O'Kane, Shelly's art teacher
written 3-30-99

In the summer Shelly and I had art lessons outdoors. People passing by would stop and comment and admire Shelly's work. Shelly took pleasure in the fact that people were admiring her work. She had the biggest smile on her face. The warm response to her work gave Shelly the idea of posting a sign "painting for sale". She also thought about going door-to-door and selling her paintings. Often times she would engage in conversation with passers-by. The interaction was so enjoyable to her, that she would get distracted and stop painting, and than I would have to tell her not to worry about selling her art, and just enjoy painting...

Painting 2759
Shelly painting 2759, August 8th, 1998.

Once in Gallop Park a woman stopped and took a photo of Shelly painting. Shelly was thrilled. She talked about being a famous painter someday.

Annie and Shelly in Gallop Park
Annie and Shelly at Gallop Park, July 25, 1998.

Another day Shelly walked into the studio and knew exactly what she wanted to paint. I had set-up a still-life arrangement, flowers and other stuff, but she was not interested. She said she wanted to paint a purple bear. I asked her a few probing questions like: "is the bear inside, or outside, what is he doing, what are you going to paint around the bear?" usually when I asked her these questions she would say "be patient Annie, be patient", but this time she responded differently. She said very matter-of-factly: "he is in Loveland".

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