Synthetic Journal -- Day: 9,177
Time: 23:55
Zone: Heightened Reality

diff-delph She's the reason he was anathamatized. Or so he claims.

Once he had been the brightest of stars in the corporate firmament. Edison Borgia, fresh out of grad school, started his spectacular arc as a personality designer for the Bold Innovations Section of the Bright New Tomorrow Division of the BetterWorld Corporation. At twenty-five he was a Team Leader. By twenty-seven a Project Manager. A year later he had been promoted to Concept Developer.

At that time he began work on the prototype of something he dreamed up called a Prognostitron: an AI which, so he claimed, could honest-to-Rossum foretell the future.

A year into the development of his Prognostitron all funding for the project was suddenly cut off without explanation. At the age of twenty-nine Edison Borgia was shipped off to the mental re-engineering camps where he would spend the next two years.

He says that the camps changed him -- but not in the way the corporation wanted.

It doesn't take a Prognostitron to know that he will never be allowed to go back to work. And, given his extensive knowledge of their precious trade secrets, they will never let him leave.


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