Synthetic Journal -- Day: 10,861
Time: 07:10
Zone: Repeatable Results

Ran into Nadja again yesterday. The light was just starting to leave the sky.

She said that she was getting used to her retinal tattoos and when it got dark she showed me how she was learning to flash them at will -- a faint red spark inside her eyes. I asked her if the spark was blinding like looking into a camera flash. She said no, she could see better when she sparked.

We walked. We talked. Somehow the subject of mentalstats came up. I said that it was a guilty secret that I use mine on a semi-regular basis -- mostly to sleep. She told me that she could make some improvements to my unit. "Instead of dreams you can have visions," she said.

"What kind of visions?" I asked. "Colorful fractals-of-the-mind type halucination visions or mystical great-spirit-imparting-crazy-wisdom type visions?"

"What kind would you like?"

"I think I'd like the kind where an Angel of the Lord appears unto me and says 'Behold, I bring you short answers to tall questions'. Then again, maybe a visit from a trickster bird-spirit would be more my style."

"I don't write the scenarios. That's between you and the big source code in the sky. The only things I can promise are that they will be visions and they will be mystical -- if that's what you want."

What the hell. I asked her when she could make these modifications. She said now, tonight if I liked. She said that she would have to go grab some tools and scrounge up a part or two first. She asked where my personalspace was and said she could be there in an hour.

[tube.gif] [tube.gif] [tube.gif]

Four hours later there was a quiet knock at my door. It was Nadja. She had a small bag slung over her shoulder. Her cheek was scratched and one sleeve of her jacket was torn from shoulder to wrist. She was slightly out of breath but smiling. She offered no explanation and I didn't ask.

She took off her jacket and tossed it over a chair. She wore a sleeveless shirt and was even smaller than I would have thought. A confusion of metalic tattoos that looked like a multi-lane highway designed by ancient Celts ran up her left arm and disapeared beneath the material of her shirt.

I showed her my mentalstat. In seconds she had the thing lying in pieces in front of her. Without pausing she said, "You know of course that tampering with these things is just slightly illegal."

"Lots of things are illegal," I said.

It took her just under an hour to do whatever it was she did.

When she had the thing put back together she said I should try it out. She said that to get the best effect we should fuck like crazed pornbots first. "You'll sleep better," she said.

I must confess that at that particular moment the prospect of psuedo-mechanical sex with this particular body was much more intriguing than some electrically altered dreams no matter how good.

Naked, her body had more in common with a young boy than an adult woman. The details made all the difference though.

When I first touched the tattoo on her arm I felt a faint tingle of electricity. She shivered ever so slightly. With my hand I traced the tattoo up to her shoulder and down her back to the cheeks of her little-boy's ass. Every now and then a little tingle, a little shiver.

Later, with the lights dimmed, she mounted me and again I traced the route of her Celtic highway down her back and sometimes when I would receive a tingle I would see the little spark inside her eyes.

Afterwards, as I began to doze, she reached over and activated my mentalstat.




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