Synthetic Journal -- Day: 10,861
Time: 08:30
Zone: Repeatable Results

I knew I was dreaming the whole time.

I was high in the air --more swimming than flying -- and beneath me the Park stretched out in every direction. I knew it was the Park even though I was not looking down on a landscape of counterfeit wilderness and ersatz wonders of the future. Instead I was floating above some enormous medical illustration -- cells the size of buildings, glands as big as a district, organs that covered an entire zone, veins and arteries larger than the largest artificial river. Yet it was the Park -- I knew that.

It was if I was in some documulti about the amazing advances in bio-engineering. The only thing missing was a narrators rich hypnotic voice explaining it all to me. Instead, I simply knew what the deep, hypnotic, disembodied voice in my ear would be saying had there in fact been a deep, hypnotic, disembodied voice in my ear.

"The Park is like a giant living organism...." I knew without guide or teacher what this dream meant. The Park is not run by the Board of Directors or the big shareholders; the Park is run by the network of machines that clean the air and sweep the sidewalks and fix the plumbing. The Board of Directors is to the Park as the brain is to the body. The brain has the illusion of self-awareness but it can't cause the heart to beat or the blood cells to carry oxygen. And it's the Park that controls the Board of Directors just as the body controls the subtle chemical balances in the brain that make it brilliant or crazy. At some level the Park possesses a collective intelligence like that of an ant colony or a bee hive. The difference is that the Park is much more intelligent than an ant colony -- it learns quicker, it's more adaptive.

And from this voiceless voice inside my head I learned the name of the collective intelligence that controls those who control the Park. It's called the NeverMind.



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