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At the moment there is no main homepage for the Chi Chapter. The only homepage associated with the fraternity is that of the Theta Pledgeclass

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"We're Not Them."

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Meet the Guys . . .

Adam Flam "It could be worse." "It was caalos!"

Steve Horwitz

Chad Brody "I never put my keys in that pocket. It's not my key pocket."

Eric Corndorf "This floor is relentless." "Take this Hantman. YOU A$%HOLE!!!!. . . It can't be broken."

Danny Soshnik"What is the thought process behind putting chicken in a bag?"

"She's got a blaasteerr!!"

Dave Traub

Jason Schwartz "Just one more ticket. . . " "No offense Pashman, but your never driving in my car again."

Josh Pashman "NO BITCH, f$%k!"

Jeff Stupak

Mike Gehl

Chris Gola

Ricky Ofstein "Come on wit it..." "Come on BABY!!! Schwartz, I won... two bucks! WOOOO!."

Paul Seidler

Peter Herbst "Sir, I'm really embarressed, but I was here about 15 minutes ago and I think I forgot to pay for my gas"

Ryan Kantor "Agreed."

Scott Frimmer

Dan Shapiro "Excuse me, are you in line?" "No, we're in a fraternity"

Theta's, Are You With Me?"

Early One Morning Somewhere in Indiana . .

"I'm just saying, ya know, people say drink coffee"


"Well, ya but the only thing that really helps is time."


"I know but..well, I mean, well I mean people say like have crackers and stuff."


"But the only thing that really helps is like, time, ya know."


"I'm just saying that that is what people say."


(If you don't Find these quotes as funny as we do, its because you weren't there)

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