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bullet-Books. Check out this week's Book of the Week. Every week or so a different book is featured, including many you may not have heard of before. (Previous weeks' books remain listed and available too.)

bullet-Magazines. Try out some of these:

  • 3-2-1 Contact
  • Kid City
  • Kids Discover
  • National Geographic World

Adventures on the Web

Here are a few sites to explore:

button-Electronic Field Trips
Some of the field trips have included climbing Mt. Everest, building race cars, and checking out the Hubble Space Telescope
button-Houghton Mifflin Kids' Clubhouse
Looking for some entertaining brainwork? Try the quizzes and games at this site! (And watch for special clubs and contests.)
button-Kyoto National Museum: Museum Dictionary
Explore the world of East Asian art in these pages created especially for kids. (The museum web pages are created in part by an Ann Arbor native.)


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