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On the "Real People, Real Places" Page:
o Women's History Resource Center 1999.
   This site includes a timeline, biographies of famous women, and a daily quiz for Women's History Month.


o  The Ann Arbor District Library will feature several special events during March. Be sure to look at the Youth Services Winter/Spring calendar ,your guide to regular programs and other special events, January through May.
o  During Women's History Month, be sure to look for our display of books featured in Strong Women, an annotated list of fiction and nonfiction for preschool through middle school readers.
o  Sign up today for the Fourth Annual Family Reading Program: Family Reading for the Fun of It! For every five hours family members read together, your family may enter our monthly prize drawings. The last drawing is April 1. AND DON'T FORGET: ten hours of reading qualifies your family for the Grand Finale on March 19. Come in to register for this event right away!
o  Have you checked out our Book of the Week? This week, it's a science fiction novel by H.M. Hoover, The Rains of Eriden.

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