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Math in the Library

You can find counting books in the Picture Book section (they have 1,2,3, labels on them). You can find more advanced math books among the nonfiction books with Dewey numbers 510-519.

The Library also has the following magazines:


Math on the Web

The web is full of interesting and educational mathematical facts and puzzles, many of them placed on line by real enthusiasts. Try these to start:

Calculation Tips & Tricks: Divisibility Rules. Astound your friends with these rules, and your teachers with the reasons they work. But beware: sometimes it's quicker to JUST DO THE MATH.

DO MATH is a production of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. It includes problems, tricks, and games and reminds students to "DO MATH. . .and you can do anything!"

The Math Forum Student Center is presented by Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. This is a terrific collection of math facts, activities, challenges, tips and tricks, and more. (Adults might want to check the homepage for The Math Forum for additional information.)

What is a Magic Square? Guaranteed to stretch your brain!


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