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Hobbies, Arts, and Recreation in the Library

bullet-Books. Many books about hobbies, recreation, sports, games, and the arts can be found among the non-fiction book under the Dewey numbers 700-799. Books about literary arts like poetry, plays, and short stories can be found in the 800s.

bullet-Special-interest Magazines. The Library has the following magazines that emphasize creativity and recreation:

  • Crayola Kids
  • Creative Kids
  • Merlyn’s Pen
  • Muse
  • Pack-o-Fun
  • Skipping Stones: A Multicultural Children’s Magazine
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids
  • Stone Soup: The Magazine by Young Writers and Artists

bullet-General-interest Magazines also often contain much of interest:

  • American Girl
  • Babybug
  • Boys’ Life
  • Boys’ Quest
  • Children’s Digest
  • Cricket
  • Girls’Life
  • Highlights for Children
  • Hopscotch
  • Kid City
  • Ladybug
  • New Moon Magazine for Girls
  • Sesame Street
  • Spider
  • Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids
  • U.S. Kids

Hobbies, Arts, and Recreation on the Web

Here are some of our favorite sites:

button- American Girl
Official home page for Pleasant Company includes both the American Girls doll catalog and magazine.
button- Beanie Babies Home Page
The official site for the popular Beanie Babies. Includes coloring pages and even lists their birthdays!
button- bonus.com
A great collections of online games and activities.
button- The Lego Page
The official Lego site; includes new products, pictures, and some plans for Lego creations.
button- Official NBA Homepage
National Basketball Association, with team and player information.
button- MLB@Bat
Major league baseball's official site, with team and league information, including statistics.
button- Official National Football League Homepage
Team and player information.
button- Official National Hockey League Homepage
Team and player information.
button- The Origami Page
Nifty designs for the nimble-fingered paper folder.
button- WNBA.com
Official site for the Women's National Basketball Association, with player information and much more.


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