image of neil marcus next to his wheelchair, on red cloth, from above

Tiresias: Videodance

Dir. Petra Kuppers and Sadie Wilcox

Poetry: Jim Ferris

Choreography: Petra Kuppers

Winner of the Pamela K. Walker Award, Superfest 2008

Link to Videodance on Youtube

Disability culture videopoem that recasts a Greek myth about bodily change, time and difference. At the center of the work are touch and kinesthesia, and the question many disabled people face in social interaction: “What happened to you?”

This videopoem mixes elements of captioning and audio description into its aesthetic vocabulary, to create a piece that can work as an audio experience, a visual experience, or a mix of different sensory inputs.

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tom bayer and lynn manning, faces touching, with words 'we last' on the screen

dancer's back, naked, with words 'let it happen' on the screen
image of dancer, looking out, with words 'destroy and create' on the screen image of Aimee Cox, sitting in wheelchair, shot from above, with words 'your organs will huddle together for warmth' on the screen

dancer kathy mancuso on red cloth, shot from above



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