Alp:p:rix:a  ( 7 / Oct / 2004 )  
A.  Give specified forms of verbs.   Translate:

      1. First person plural of   B:x:Π =>

      2. Second person singular of   E\:Π =>

B. Give the D:at:Øs (or roots) for the following conjugated forms.   Translate:

      3.   m:ØWc:t:H  =>

      4.   x:al:y:et:  =>

C.   Apply sandhi where appropriate while translating the following:

      5. 'beyond the sky'

      6. 'Kings are pleased with heroes.'

      7. 'east of the palace'

      8. 'The swan moves in the lake.'

      9. 'O Father!'

    10.   'Salutations to friends!'

D.   Bonus: Translate into Sanskrit.

    11. From happiness God adorns the sky with the moon for (the sake of) the world.'


    Remember: The midterm exam (on Lessons 1 through 7) will be on Tuesday, 26 October.  



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Drafted and posted 5 Oct 2004.