Alp:p:rix:a  ( 30 / 9 / 2004 )  
A.  Give specified forms of verbs:

      1. First person singular of   edv:Π =>

      2. Third person plural of   ká\:Π =>

      3. Second person dual of   D:à  =>

B. Give the  D:at:Øs (roots) for the following conjugated forms:

      4.   Â:amy:av:H  =>

      5.   c:aðry:es:  =>

C.   Apply sandhi where appropriate while translating the following:

      6. 'We don't worship.'

      7. 'Only Rama dances.'

      8. 'Rama and Krishna are-pleased.' (Remember 'Krishna' in transcription is krsna )

D.   Apply where required the internal sandhi rule of  n:Π   =>    N:Î :

      9. Genitive plural forms of 'tree'  v:àx:  and of 'man'  n:r   =>

   10. Instrumental singular forms of 'grass'  t:àN:  and of 'king'  n:àp:   =>

E.   Bonus: Decide which of the following is the correct accusative plural form of  t:àN:. Explain why the other is not correct.

   11. a. t:àN:aen:   or   b.  t:àN:aeN:


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Drafted and posted 25 Sep 2004.