Department of Neurology

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI



Our laboratory has a number of collaborations ongoing with investigators at the University of Michigan and other institutions. This work involves studies of brain development, neural stem cell regulation, and the mechanisms and consequences of injury-induced neurogensesis in the neonatal and adult mammalian brain. Our collaborators include:

» Daniel Goldman, PhD, University of Michigan:  Transgenic zebrafish mutagenesis screen to identify genes that regulate persistent forebrain neurogenesis in the vertebrate brain.

» Tom Mangner, PhD, Detroit Medical Center:  In vivo imaging of forebrain neurogenesis using Positron Emission Tomography scanning.

» Tim Schallert, PhD, University of Texas at Austin:  The influence of pharmacological and rehabilitative manipulations on forebrain neurogenesis and functional recovery after stroke in the adult rat.

» P. Elyse Schauwecker, PhD, University of Southern California:  Genetic regulation of seizure-induced forebrain neurogenesis in excitotoxin-resistant and susceptible inbred mouse strains.

» Faye Silvestein, MD, University of Michigan:  Effects of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic injury on forebrain neurogenesis in a mouse model of birth asphyxia.

» David Turner, PhD, University of Michigan:  Molecular regulation of neuronal migration during embryonic brain development.

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