Mid-Phon 18

Mid-Continental Phonetics & Phonology Conference
(Formally known as MCWOP)

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Schedule for Mid-Phon 18

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Friday March 22, 2013: 1636 School of Social Work Building (SSWB)


2-2:30              Registration


Panel I

2:30-3              Michael Opper (University of Michigan)

                        A Morpho-Prosodic Typology of Compound Truncation

3-3:30              Tanya L. Flores (Indiana University)

    A socio-phonetic study on the relationship between /tr/ and     // variation in Chilean Spanish


3:30-3:45         break

Panel II

3:45-4:15         Harim Kwon (University of Michigan)

    Social aspects of loanword adaptation: Adaptation of             English word-final stops into Korean

4:15-4:45         Ho-hsin Huang & Karthik Durvasula (Michigan State                         University)

                        Reexamining the nature of English vowel nasalization


4:45-5:15         break


Poster Session 5:15-6:45

Kelly Biers

Conjunction of markedness constraints to account for opacity in Acadian French

Douglas Cole

Word stress in Laotian, an OT analysis

Yan Dong

Production and perception of merging tones in Dalian Mandarin

Siyuan Guo

Cohesion and Autonomy: Quantifying typological variation of sub-syllable structure

Amy Hemmeter 
 Gender effects on the production of vocal fry

Amelia Kimball

Is there metrical regularity in conversational speech?

Hanyong Park & Li-Ya Mar

English influence as a possible source for the sound change in Korean

Siriporn Lerpaisalwong & Hanyong Park

The perception of English stops in a coda position by Thai learners

Lindsey Quinn-Wriedt

Directional harmony and maximal licensing in Maasai

Jung-Yueh Tu & Stuart Davis

Taiwanese tone sandhi in loanwords

Chia-Hsin Yeh & Yen-Hwei Lin

The perception-production asymmetry in Hakka tone sandhi


Saturday March 23, 2013

8-9                   Breakfast and Coffee: 4448 East Hall (EH)


Panel III

9-9:30              Brett Hyde & Shannon Howell (Washington                                           University)

                        Phenomenal accent and metrical accent

9:30-10            Tatiana Luchkina (University of Illinois)

    Speaker- and Reader-based account of discourse                     prominence in a free word order language

10-10:30          José Hualde (University of Illinois)

                        Phonological awareness and conventionalism in sound                                 change


10:30-10:45     break

 Panel IV

10:45-11:15     Anna Bosch (University of Kentucky)

                        “What is a letter?” – Nomen, Figura, Potestas

11:15-11:45     Anne Pycha (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

                        Characterizing the phonological context of roots and                                 affixes

11:45-12:15     Michael Blasingame & Ann R. Bradlow                                              (Northwestern University)

First language versus dominant language intelligibility in “switched dominance” bilinguals

12:15-2            LUNCH – On your own


Panel V

2-2:30         Erin Gustafson, Caroline Engstler, & Matthew Goldrick (Northwestern University)

Task differences enhance cross-linguistic phonetic interactions in bilingual speech

2:30-3          Kelly Carden (University of Iowa)

                        An acoustic analysis of vowel assimilation in Mandarin

3-3:30          San Duanmu (University of Michigan)

Vowel height


3:30-4              Business Meeting


Panel VI

4-4:30         Melissa Baese-Berk et. al. (Michigan State University)

The interaction of syntactic cues and timing information in spoken word recognition

4:30-5         Kelly Berkson (University of Kansas)

The acoustics of phonation types in obstruents and sonorants: the case of Marathi

5-5:30         Rory Turnbull (Ohio State University)

Effects of autistic traits on differences in temporal reduction and perceptual compensation


5:30-5:45         break


Panel VII

5:45-6:15         Matthew Masapollo, Linda Polka, Lucie Ménard                             (McGill, Québec)

     Who’s talking now? Infant processing of vowels with              infant vocal tract parameters

6:15-6:45         Thomas Purnell, Eric Raimy, Joseph Salmons (UW                              Madison)

                        Contrastive features for the English vowel system


7-                     Dinner at Prof. Andries Coetzee’s Home


Sunday March 24, 2013


8-9                   Breakfast and Coffee


Panel VIII

9-9:30              Marwa Ragheb & Stuart Davis (Indiana University)

       On the developmental path of final consonant cluster                acquisition in Cairene Arabic

9:30-10           Ryan Hendrickson (Indiana University)

                        Liquid glide clusters in Picard: What they reveal about the                         liquids

10-10:30          Coral Williams (Indiana University)

                        Accounting for metathesis in Highland East Cushitic


10:30-10:45     break


Panel IX

10:45-11:15     Michael Dow (Indiana Univeristy)

                        Too much, too little, too late: Hybrid opacity in Berbice                             Dutch Creole

11:15-11:45     Jennifer Cole & Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel (UI,                             MIT)

                        Memory for prosody

11:45-12:15     Tuuli Morrill, Laura C. Dilley, J. Devin McAuley                         (MSU)

                        Prosodic patterns in digital speech context affect perception                         of prosodic constituency and word segmentation: effects of                         list intonation and f0 downtrend