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There comes a time in most collectors lives when it becomes necessary to begin thinning the collection to make room for new additions. This page is where I will be listing the typewriters that I have available for sale or trade. I will try very hard to provide accurate descriptions and photos so that you will not be surprised by what arrives in the mail.

A few words on my pricing. Several factors influence how I price an item. Factors include, my perception of market value, what I paid, how much effort I have put into the machine, condition, how much I like the machine, and so on. If an item seams over priced, it probably indicates I paid even more when I bought it or I like it more then the others I have for sale. If you are interested in more than one, I can be flexible on the pricing. If a machine is listed for a long time and you like it then make me an offer.

If you are interested in any of the machines listed here, you can contact me by email.. I will try to be responsive to email questions but I tend to keep my self extremely busy and can get well behind on basic communications.

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Typewriters For Sale

MW Index typewriter, Serial number 13417. Manufactured by Gundka-Werk GmbH in Germany sometime in the early twenties. Over all condition is very good. There is one small dent in the lid and a crack in the front right corner of the body. Both are shown in the photos. $175 plus actual shipping cost.

Royal, Companion, Serial number ????. This machine is very clean and in excellent condition. The case is in very good condition. Not rare but a good compact manual typewriter. $35.00 plus actual shipping cost.


Typewriters For Trade

Remington, Rem-Blick

Serial number KK80376, manufactured in April of 1928. This machine is clean and in very good to excellent condition.

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