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I have always had an interest in mechanical devices and developed an interest in old typewriters at an early age. I purchased my first antique typewriter at a rummage sale in 1983 and have been building my collection ever since. The collection grew slowly for many years but in 1996 the rate of accumulation increased dramatically and now includes over 200 typewriters. I am always looking for old and unusual typewriters to add to my collection.

This site is my little shrine to these mechanical wonders of a bygone era. I have been working on this site in my spare time for a few months now and am pleased with the way it is coming together. I plan to regularly add material so please check back often.

Some things that I plan to ad in the near future are. More photos and information about the machines in my collection. More items on the resource page. Serial number information for dating some models of antique typewriters. And more refinements to the shipping tips page.

In addition to showing off some of my better machines I will have links to my favorite typewriter web sites. I am assembling a comprehensive listing of Antique Typewriter Resources including sources for repair and cleaning supplies as well as reproduction parts that are available.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit.

At this site:

Antique Typewriter Gallery Note worthy machines in my collection.

Antique Typewriter Resources A list of reproduction parts and other resources for antique typewriters.

Antique Typewriter Restoration Tips Links to restoration tips of others and my own tips and instructions for the restorers of antique typewriters.

Shipping Tips My words of wisdom on packing and shipping Antique Typewriters.

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Typewriter Illustrations Jay Respler's site for the identification of typewriter models.

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Associations and News Letters:

Early Typewriter Collectors Association Homepage The ETCetera newsletter has new editors and a new home page.

Typewriter Exchange Home of Typex.

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