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List of Antique Typewriter Resources.

This is a list of available reproduction parts and other resources for the antique typewriter collector. As I discover resources I will be adding them to this list. If you have any original or reproduction parts for antique typewriters that you would like offer for sale to other collectors, please e-mail me with the details so that I can add them to this list. I will try to keep this list up to date with contact information. Please let me know if you have difficulty reaching any of the suppliers listed.

Disclaimer: Unless noted other wise, I have no commercial interest in the parts listed hear and provide this information as a service to the collecting community.

Ribbons and Cleaning Supplies:

Tech Support Associates (TSA) carries a complete line of tools, parts, and supplies for modern office equipment. Of interest to the collector will be the selection of cleaning solvents and fabric ribbons. TSA also offers platen recovering service. Contact: Tech Support Associates, Ltd., 2070 Peachtree Industrial Court, Suite 102, Chamblee, GA 30341, Telephone: (404) 452-8200, Fax Line: (404) 454-6075, Order Toll Free: (800) 633-6626.

Ames Supply Company carries a complete line of tools, parts, and supplies for modern office equipment. Of interest to the collector will be the selection of cleaning solvents and fabric ribbons. Ames also offers platen recovering service. Contact: Ames Supply Company, 2537 Curtiss Street, Downers Grove, IL 60515, Telephone: (630) 964-2440, Fax Line: (630) 964-0497, Order Toll Free: (800) 848-8780.

Parts Machines:

Collector Paul Roberts has undertaken the task of organizing a Typewriter Parts Exchange. If you are looking for original parts for a machine you are restoring, this is an excellent resource. If you have parts machines that you are willing to publicly announce then please e-mail Paul at type@mmworks.nl, so they can be added to the list and help others find the part they need to complete a restoration project. Legend has it that good karma comes to those who list their parts machines for the benefit of other collectors. A collector in California recently listed several machines on the Typewriter Parts Exchange and was soon rewarded with a Sholes and Glidden that he found at a garage sale for $15.

Hardware and Materials:

Luggage & Handbag Supply Co. is a source for coverings and other parts for repairing cases. Contact: Luggage & Handbag Supply Co., 248 East Arrow Highway, San Dimas, CA 91773-3359, Telephone: (909) 394-1213 or (909) 394-1220.

Small Parts Inc. caries a broad range of precision hardware and materials. Contact: Small Parts Inc. 13980 N.W. 58th Court, P. O. Box 4650, Miami Lakes, FL 33014-9727

Plating Supplies:

Texas Platers Supply sells inexpensive brush electroplating kits that are suitable for use on many typewriter parts. They sell kits for applying silver, gold, nickel, and brass. Contact: Texas Platers Supply, 2453 W. Five-Mile Parkway, Dallas, Texas 75233, Telephone: (214) 330-7168.

Caswell plating sells a wide range of plating kits and supplies for all your plating needs Contact: CASWELL, Inc., 4336 Route 31, Palmyra, NY 14522-9719, USA, Telephone: (315) 597-5140, sales@caswellplating.com

Reproduction Manuals:

Office Machine Americana specializes in reproducing old Office Machine Manuals. On their list you will find manuals that cover the service and operation of antique typewriters, calculators, and adding machines, as well as other information related to the office machine industry. They purchase and trade machines or information related to office machines. Contact: Ernie Jorgenson, OFFICE MACHINE AMERICANA, PO Box 1161, Lewiston Idaho, 83501 USA, ejorgens@lewiston.com

Reproduction Parts:

Hammond Ribbon Spools For Sale...a first class reproduction of the originals for early Hammond Typewriters. Contact: John Lewis Sr. at Business Systems Sales And Service, 4805 Menaul N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87110, Daytime Tel: 505-884-0600.

Rubber Feet -- Bob Aubert sells several styles of replacement rubber feet for Royals 1,5,10'setc. Underwood 5's etc., and for Olivers. Also available are replacement mounting grommets for Remington Portables. Cost is $8.00 per set of four post paid. Contact: Bob Aubert, 614 New Jersey Ave., Riverside, NJ 08075, Telephone: (609) 461-7080, baubert@juno.com

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Last updated on February, 2 1999