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mdw's Home Page

This is mostly just a collection of places I like to visit.

My PGP public key. This is a new PGP key (new as of March 1, 2000). I may actually succeed in remembering this PGP pass phrase. I do not think much of PGP's user interface. For some reason, I find that typing 500 characters of junk slowly is an excellent way to forget whatever I just did, like the important pass phrase I'm supposed to remember.

Weather Channel northeast radar

Web Strands

Quick jumps in this page.


Some projects at work:


Random test stuff.


Pointers to various HTTP resources.


Pointers to various HTTPS (SSL) resources.

Fun things

Here are some fun things.

Current Fav

Interesting Papers

The interesting papers are listed below.

Other people

Some other interesting people are:

Finding things.

Telemarketers and other evils

TV links

music links

Some specific sites

HTML Guides

Other HTTP references

Temporal Interest Points


Computer security stuff Cryptography

Computer Conferencing links



the other constant of the universe


Taxes don't just appear from nowhere, they're created by politicians. Everyone has an idea of how politics should work.


Some Printing/postscript references:

Other software home pages

Information on x86/dos

Information on the macintosh

Other software/programming resources

Hardware resources

Some Printing/postscript references:

Wireless stuff

interesting ISP pages


Somebody was asking for patterns to make an indian Sari. I haven't found one yet, but I did find these links.

Ski places

I've gotten interested in skiing.

Motorcyle stuff

and as if skiing weren't bad enough... Bicycling...:




Novels and novellas. And stories.

Free stuff (mail, shell access, etc.)

I haven't checked any of these out; use at own risk.

Clip art sites

Mostly free. I hope.

Contact Information

mdw + /afs/umich.edu/user/m/d/mdw + mdw@umich.edu
  • Carson <carson@cyberspace.org> - picture of him? Llanarth keeps pictures here.
  • Gutenberg etext by date (I think?) (broken 23Feb 1997)
  • A^2 - Pictures of A^2
  • VeriSign Certification Practice Statement