last update 2 February 1997

Accounting and Billing System Down
UMCE Services Unaffected

The Accounting and Billing System (ABS) that allows users of UMCE (University of Michigan Computing Environment) services to check their account balances is currently unavailable. During routine maintenance on 26 January 1997, the hardware malfunctioned.

Information Technology Division (ITD) continues to work on the problem. The ABS is expected to be functioning for use by the ITD Accounts Office staff by Monday, 3 February 1997. After all records are restored, in approximately a week, all users will again be able to access the system to check account balances by connecting to the UMCE home page ( or by typing
at the Unix% prompt on the ITD Login or Statistics and Computation Service.

ITD has taken measures to ensure that this system outage will not interfere with the ability of the campus community to use UMCE services (e-mail, Confer, dial-in access, printing at Campus Computing Sites, file storage on IFS, Lotus Notes, ITD Login Service, and the ITD Statistics and Computation Service).

UMCE service usage is still being tracked, and accounts will be reconciled when the system is back on-line. No one will be denied access to UMCE services while the system is down and they are unable to check their balances.

At this time users can subscribe and make changes to subscriptions on-line for all services, including IFS.

If you do experience problems accessing UMCE services, contact the ITD Accounts Office by e-mail at or by phone at 764-8000. The office is located on the lower level of the Michigan Union in the Union Computing Site.

We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and hope to correct the situation very soon.

Thank you

ITD Sufficient Balance Rollout Team