What's on the bench?

I created this page in response to the often-revisited conversation in rec.models.rockets that is usually called "What's on the bench?"

I don't have any current pictures but I am still repairing some of my Mosquitos.  including the 7x, 4x and 2.2x versions. I am also building an 8x version based on Totally Tubular's T-4.476 which is a lightweight tube for it's size. There aren't any nose cones available for a tube this size but I have made some elipitcal cones for my Goonybirds and I plan to make a mold from it so I can finish the fleet and build the mosquito. I am also working on a ST-20 size Mosquito that will be about 3.8x.

I am also working on an Edmonds Ecee Thunder. These gliders are incredibly easy to build. The "Thunder" gliders are larger than you would expect. The Ecee is nearly 30" long and has a wing span of about 2 feet.

I am also building a 4x upscale of the Centuri Bandito. It will be about 5 feet high and will have electronics for 2-stage deployment. It shouild fly on G-I motors. I am also starting a Hybrid rocket. It will be 2.56" diameter and about 7 feet long. I have also started a 2x upscale of the Estes Trident. It will be nearly 6' long and I may include electronic deployment.

Last Updated 5/5/2005

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