Here is my fleet of Goonybirds. If you don't know what a goonybird is, click here for a catalog page from the 1973 Estes catalog, found at Ninfinger Productions: Model Rockets They were introduced by Estes in 1973, billed as "The zaniest flying freaks in the universe". They were all the same size, about 8" tall, BT-60 based and mini engine powered. Not everyone has flown a rabbit, fish, eyeball or sore toe!

The height to width ratio makes the current Estes Fat Boy kit a perfect source for a kitbashed upscale. You use all of the parts except the fins and engine mount. You could use the engine mount but it would be underpowered. The scale is about 1.6x the orignal and they should fly well on D motors.

The Missile Toe, Zoom Broom and Cloud Hopper are built from Estes Fat Boy Kits. The Galaxy Guppy and Star Snoop are built from Totally Tubular 4.5" tubing with scratch built nose cones. The Sky Shriek is just started and will be built the same way. I wanted to build them in different sizes since I thought 6 of the same size would be a bit boring. The 4.5" rockets weigh in at about 2 pounds and have 29mm motor mounts. They fly well on F and G motors. The Star Snoop and Galaxy Guppy have already flown and been damaged. They have been repaired and I hope to fly all six in the same day sometime in 2006.

If you're looking for Goonybird plans, they are at JimZ Rocket Plans. The URLs for all six plans follow:

Star Snoop:

Cloud Hopper:

Galaxy Guppy:

Zoom Broom:

Missile Toe:

Sky Shriek:

Look for updates to this page as my fleet of Goonybirds evolves.

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Last Updated 12/5/2005