OCT 2001

Post-Sept 11 photos and captions by Linda Wan

Diag Vigil, Sept.11. Participants bow their
heads for a moment of silence.

Diag Vigil, Sept.11. Several thousand people
sing, impromptu, "God Bless America."

Green Armband Campaign, the Diag, Sept. 20.
At an anti-war protest, Caroline Wong
helps another participant with his green armband.
The green symbolized solidarity with
the Muslim community.
Similiar protests were held on 130 campuses
around the country that day.

Solidarity rally, Diag, Sept. 28.
UM graduate students Suzanne Perkins-Hart (far right)
and Juliet Erazo (center),
who were among the 200 participants,
donned hijabs to show their support of the Muslim community.

"A Call for Peace" March, Sept. 20.
Singing "We Shall Overcome," about 100 people
march with through the UM Campus
to the Federal Building.
These marches are set to continue
each Wednesday at 5:15 pm
starting at the UMís Trotter House
(Washtenaw and South University).
Contact peaceispower@hotmail.com or 930-9522.

Diag, Sept. 28. Ann Arbor resident Alan Haber
inspires the crowd calling for a peace movement
involving students and elders in the community.
Haber, is a lifelong peace activist, best known
for his key involvement in
the Students for a Democratic Society, founded at UM in the 1960ís.

Peace Rally, Diag, Sept. 28.
Around 200 students and local residents
gather for a peace rally organized by
the Student Alliance for Peace and Justice.


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