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COVER IMAGE: from b&w cartoon "And Then What?" by Portland, OR artist Kevin Moore, who aims to evoke a "juxtaposition of western-capitalist and third-world/war-ravaged societies, and their common humanity". His work is at www.zmag.org and home.earthlink.net/~kevmo4696.

OCT 2001 Contents
(l.gif (130 bytes) = Primarily Local Interest)

C o v e r   S t o r i e s

Self-Defense: A Practical Guide
by Eric Lormand
          Is Bin Laden Capable of It?
                  by Robert Fisk
          Afghan Famine
                  by Noam Chomsky
          Bin Laden In His Own Words
                  by Osama Bin Laden
                  by Our Beloved Leader

C u l t u r e

The Inner Ear
        by John R. Velner

Pinochet and Me
Books by Phillis Engelbert

The Glass House
Movies by Jim Pyke

Alligator Records at 30
Music by William Shea

S p e c i a l   F e a t u r e

Two Live Doggy Dog Snoops

l.gif (130 bytes)Red Hot Lovers
Local Flavor by Stef

l.gif (130 bytes)in the doghouse
with arwulf arwulf

Infinite Peace Flag

(ready to print)


l.gif (130 bytes)
Post Sept-11 Photos
        by Linda Wan

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