Kevin M. Stange

PUBPOL 611: Higher Education and Public Policy

In this course, we will examine the higher education sector through several different lenses.The two primary goals of the course are to (1) familiarize students with many features of the U.S. higher education landscape and related policies, and (2) provide students with the analytic tools to evaluate higher education policy. Policy aims we will explore include access, persistence, affordability, and accountability. Specific policy areas include financial aid, affirmative action, state and federal support, regulation of the for-profit sector, community college transfer policies, mentoring and coaching initiatives, and many others. Our primary analytic tools will be microeconomic and statistical analysis. We will use the concepts and tools of causal inference extensively.

Semesters Taught: Winter 2012, Winter 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Winter 2017

2012 Syllabus | voice: (734) 615-6990