» Trips
We take long trips, trips that span through multiple national parks and historic sites. On this page, I hope to show the routes and provide links for the places we went. Each trip is still a 'honeymoon' for us. =)
» Honeymoon #6 An adventure into our backyard. A plan for the trip this year.

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» Honeymoon #5 An 18000 journey into the Canadian North.

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» Honeymoon #4 Fine dining, relaxing, spas and skiing.
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» Honeymoon #3 Icebergs!

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» Honeymoon #2 West we shall go.

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» Honeymoon #1 Pure Bliss. Dolphins, Beaches, National Parks, Relaxation.

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»Honeymoon #5 Links

National Parks Pingo National Landmark -- Parks Canada
Arctic Nature Tours
MacKenzieDelta -- hotel in Inuvik, NWT
Yukon Highway Conditions
Northwest Territories Highway Conditions
Dawson Historical Complex National Historic Site -- Parks Canada
S.S. Keno National Historic Site -- Parks Canada
Dredge No. 4 National Historic Site -- Parks Canada
Klondike Kate's -- restuarant in Dawson City
»Honeymoon #1 Links

National Parks

Dry Tortugas

National Monuments

Castillo de San Marcos

National Preserves

Big Cypress

National Seashores