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July 17th, 1999

It's been a while since the last update, but there is a ton of new M2S news to give you! Production is almost finished on the new Jugghead solo album, The World According to Jugghead. It features everybody from Jugghead's crew,a nd a few surprising guests. Check for it in September.

Also, Hook Scrubb and Waxo have begun work on a new Waxo and DJ Hook project. This was the duo that started it all, before M2S and before any of the solo stuff (well, most of it. Jugghead was rapping with another crew at the time). The duo that started the Waxcamp dynasty returns with World Premier sometime int he fall. Preproduction has just begun.

Waxo is keeping busy by beginning work on a second Sean and Jon project with his brother Sean Mitchell. It features more of the cutting edge beats you expect from the Overlord, with even more lyrical guests, including Jugghead, Devastator, Hook, Unseen, DJ Midway, and General Zod. It's going to be mammoth!

Finally, congrats to affilliates Proffessor Crokked and Dizzy for making serious moves inthe 99. Crooked just released his debut solo Mental locally, and is featured in the city's newspaper. Diz has just started his studio, and is looking to establish his camp as one of Flint's elite. there's also rumors of a new Brat Pac album ont he way featuring Diz and his cousins Jugghead and Unseen...

April 25th, 1999

Check out the new Devastator snippets from his solo debut Anticipation at the Soundbites page.

April 18th, 1999

A follow-up concert to the bursley show didn't go quite as planned, and Devastator and Jugghead didn't get a chance to rock the mic. However,t his is not the last of the duo,a nd they plan on moving more crowds in the future.

Finally, the wait is over. The Deadly one has just recently finished the last song for his solo debut Anticipation. The album is bangin', and will be available very, very soon.

the duet album by Waxo and his brother Sean was so successful, that a follow-up is in the works. Look for Jugghead, Devastator, and a slew of others to guest star.

February 28th, 1999

Momentum continues to build for M2S, as they finalize plans to record their single. To signify the bold move forward, the group has decided to update its image. As you can see, the first thing to go under the scalpel was the webpage. We hope you enjoy the new site design.

The next big step may be a new logo. More on that as it develops.

Congratulations to Devastator and Jugghead on turning in stellar performances at their final Walk together Soulful People talent show performances. Jugghead stimulated the crowd's minds with Bizarro World (off of Waxo's new Solo album), while Dev hyped the crowd with Dangerous (off of his forthcoming solo debut). They received the best crowd response of any show they have done inthe past. Keep it up, guys.

To build anticipation for the single, M2S will be offering a new promotion within the next few months. As you may have noticed, the M2S Promotional Package has been taken down. In its place is our new venture, Lonfellow records. through Longfellow we will soon be offering 90-minute L-hood Mixtapes featuring all-new music from M2S and its L-Hood Crew (this includes PSMC, hellcat, and Da Kru). They're going to be absolutely Free (you don't even have to pay for shipping and handling! is that a deal, or what?), so send us an email and give us your mailing address. Give L-hood a try, risk-free.

February 19th, 1999

M2S has been making a ton of moves for the millenium, and momentum for them is continuing to build. Over the Christmas Holiday, the group got together and added a new song to their catalog. It's called No More Clones, and it will be offered as a B-side to their next big project.

What is this project, you ask? That's the next big announcement: M2S is currently making plans to release its first single this summer! Now, Some of you may dissapointed that it's not Sonic Boom, but they are offering The Great Midwest, Word Association, No More Clones, and a Great Midwest Remix. The group will try to make the single available althroughout the Midwest, but it will definitely be available in Flint, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, and Philladelphia. If successful, the single will be followed up by a regional EP. Both the single and the EP will be available on this page.

The news just don't stop coming. Waxo just added a phat upgrade to his studio! Now there's a CD burner, which means Wax can make CD masters of his music, which can be duplicated anywhere. The fisrt project he might use this for is the new solo album he finished recording with his brother. it's called Sean and Jon's Antiformat Granular Method, and it is now available on the M2S Discography as part of the Promotional Package. Believe me, it's like nothing you've ever heard before!

September 4th, 1998

It has been a very productive summer for individual members of M2S. Devastator got a few songs closer to finishing his much-anticipated solo debut, Jugghead added a few more songs to his already potent discography, and Waxo began work on a new top-secret project with his brother Sean. Also, Jugghead and Waxo are making an effort to recruit up-and-coming rap group The Shadow Regiment to join L-Hood (their lead rapper is named 'General Zod'. Is that cool, or what?). If Zod (bka Torrey) reads this, contact Jugg or Wax ASAP.

April 21st, 1998

On the Last day of class, Jugghead and Devastator represented M2S well at a dormitory picnic at the University of Michigan. There were technical difficulties, but the show went on, and M2S once again moved the crowd.

Jugghead has also began writing and preproduction for an all-new major project, tentively called Emerald Crusade. There's a slim chance that he might get the neccessary funding to release this one to stores locally. More news as it comes.

March 15th, 1998

Devastator and Jugghead dropped their 'Maize and Blue' moniker and performed as M2S in the 20th annual Bronze Elegance minority fasion show. Once again, they dropped their now-classic 'Deadly Combination' (available on Devastator's solo album Anticipation), and once gain had the crowd rocking.

Next, Dev and Jugg plan on performing at a picnic hosted by their dormitory, and dropping a couple of solo performances at a Black Vibes sponsored open mike night. More news as it comes.

March 8th, 1998

M2S got together in a marathon recording session, and finished their Reach for the Rewind revamp. It is available online at the L-Hood Discography, along with other choice M2S projects.
Hook's latest solo album was also finished, with Devastator's slated for later on in the week.

Februrary 23rd, 1998

M2S has just finished another top-notch performance at the University of Michigan's Bursley Talent Show, which also featured a duet performance from Devastator and Groove. The song (called 'Groove to this') will appear on Devastator's solo Debut album. There are currently plans for M2S to record 5 more songs for their ongoing RFR revamp.

January 12th, 1998

in a furious few weeks over Christmas break, M2S has done a flurry of recording and setting up for the future. Devastator has recorded a few more songs, bringing the release of his debut album Anticipation a few steps closer. In addition to that, Hook began work on a new solo project (called The Golden ChildMadame Butterfly. Look for songs featuring Jugghead, Devastator, and Da Krew.

Also, M2S has helped their protoges Da Krew towards the completion of their debut album These rhymes come Deadly. it sounds great so far, with songs produced by Waxo, Hook, and Jugghead. KAOS krew is nearing the end of production of their next project, and the SWAT team compilation is due for release sometime in January. Things are starting to look up for M2S and company!

November 1st, 1997

M2S has just finished performing Sonic Boom, The Great Midwest, and the Sprite commercial at a talent show sponsored by Kappa Aplha Psi fraternity. This was the same show that Maize and Blue won two years ago, but the results weren't as positive this time around. Nonetheless, M2S did a great all-around show, and looks to further establish itself in Februrary at the Walk together Soulful people talent show.

In other news, M2S has already started talking of pooling their resources together to release their updated version of Reach for the Rewind locally sometime in March 1998. The song lineup is still being juggled around, but the final album will be at least 12 songs long. If you'd like to pre-order a copy of it, Let M2S know.

August 20th, 1997

As Will returns to Flint for a few months, M2S plans on entering a monster contest sponsored by Discmakers. Wish M2S luck...

July 15th, 1997

Well, after so many years of planning, recording, and rerecording, 'Nuff Said is Officially finished! All 16 songs have been done or redone in the highest possible quality out of Wax Dummy studios, and are currently awaiting DAT mastering. Unfortunately, there isn't yet adequete funding to have this album released, but it's only a matter of time before 'Nuff Said will be at a store near you! However, if you'd like to buy an advance copy, just email Jugghead at

June 20th, 1997

L-Hood would like to welcome aboard a new member. His name is Paul Spann (PSMC), and he was a longtime member of Longfellow hood, but has now joined the ranks of the L-Leet Music Conglomerate (for more information on the L-Leet, Click Here). He is currently working on a debut solo rap album with Waxo.

Hook has returned to Flint for a week for summer vacation from Drexel University, and used his time to hammer out some of the songs for the M2S album. As of now all of the group songs (Thruwitcha, Sonic Boom, L-Hood Represent, The Great Midwest, Sprite Commercial, and I've heard this before?) are finished, in addition to Jugghead's solo song (five mikes) and a Jugghead/Hook duet (You $old Yourself). The group songs will be shopped to various record companies as a demo.

April 1st, 1997

In a giant shake-up of the group, Waxo has decided to kick Jugghead, Hook, and Devastator out of M2S, and replace them with Marky Mark, Icy Blu, and 2 Bigg MC. APRIL FOOLS!

In more serious news, Hook just arrived back from his 5-month excursion to Japan. The group hung out for a day on March 29th before Hook took off to resume classes at Drexel University, and while together, they hammered out a quick interlude off of the new Reach For The Rewind project.

March 21st, 1997

After celebrating the official L-hood holiday (St. Patrick's day, where everyone wears green), Waxo has joined the other three online with his new email address. Jon can be reached at after which, Devastator brought the group together under one email list, so if you would like to send an email to the entire group, send it to

M2S has decided on a list of songs to work on for their new, improved version of Reach for the Rewind. The album will have about fifteen songs, and here's the list so far:

  1. I've heard this before?
  2. L-hood Represent
  3. Word Assosiation
  4. Thruwitcha
  5. The Great Midwest
  6. Sonic Boom
  7. Five Mikes
  8. From Dusk 'till Dawn
  9. Sprite Commercial
  10. You $old yourself
  11. Deadly Combination
  12. Reincarnation
  13. a Waxo solo song (to be announced)
  14. a Devastator solo song (to be announced)
  15. a Waxo/hook duet (to be announced)
  16. a Devastator/Waxo duet (to be announced)
More info as it comes.

March 13th, 1997

L-hood is sad to announce the loss of one of its own. Original 'L-Lumini' Tourice Newhouse reportedly collapsed while playing basketball, and passed away a few days ago. It's really a shame, because he was really going in a positive direction with his life, and we all hope he's moved on to a better place. Our condolences go out to the family that he left behind.

In somewhat lighter news, The concert plans for LL Cool J, Foxxy Brown, BLACKstreet, and Case have fallen through. Apparently these clowns wanted $35,000 per act, and the group that was organizing the show frankly doesn't have that kind of money. There were efforts made to secure Camp Lo and / or Maxwell, but they have also fallen short. the organization (Black Vibes ) will now try to secure a show for next year, at the University of Michigan's Black homecoming event.

Februrary 13th, 1997

Valentine's day approaches, and M2S is still in the midst of upgrading Wax Dummy Studios. The group is still part of the show, but due to financial constraints the aformentioned artists will not be performing at the show. Other big name artists have been approached, but nothing will be posted here until a deal is final.

It was suggested by a few of M2S's fans that since Waxo has gotten this huge upgrade, it may be a good move to do a new and improved version of Jugghead's solo album 'Nuff Said over the summer, in addition to the new version of Reach for the rewind. Jugghead and Waxo both thought it was a good idea (they're always looking for an excuse to record more music), and Jugghead has already began writing for it. Here's the new song list:

More information as it comes.

January 26th, 1997

as Superbowl Sunday (go Green Bay!!!) approaches, negotiations for the aforementioned big concert continue. Things have been worked out to the point where M2S is now tentatively a part of the show, which now includes LL Cool J, Foxxy Brown, Case, and BLACKstreet. If anything gets secured, you will be the first to know.

January 12th, 1997

As the new year begins, M2S kicks into high gear. The group is now in the process of adding serious upgrades to Waxo's Wax Dummy studios, and have began planning a new and improved version of Reach for the Rewind which will have mostly all new songs. The recently recorded Sonic Boom single will be on it, in addition to The great Midwest (a song which was originally to be on Shay-D's compilation album), and a new and improved Thruwitcha. More news as it comes.

Also, Jugghead and Devastator have been hard at work negotiating to be the opening act for a major concert which is coming to Ann Arbor. Check here in Februrary for the results of the negotiations, as well as a roster of who's in the concert.

December 23rd, 1996

Waxoand Devastator celebrated Christmas early, by recording the first single of Dev's new album tentatively entitled Anticipation. the single is called Define my zone, and features live guitar from the Deadly one himself. the rest of the album is scheduled for production sometime in the summer of 1997.

September 14th, 1996

in the waning weeks before Hook's departure for Japan, M2S has managed to get together and begin preproduction for their single of Sonic Boom. the single includes a revamped version of the original song, a remix, and a bonus track called For those that slept. In addition, plans are underway for Waxo and Hook to begin recording Hook's solo album, Back to Normality.

August 29th, 1996

With a new schoolyear beginning at the University of Michigan, Devastator and Waxo begin with new additions to their already potent musical arsenal. devastator returns to school now knowing how to play guitar, and carrying with him a sweet new guitar that he plans on using in his upcoming debut album, From then to now (Total Devastation has been cancelled). Waxo, on the other hand, has added a new YAMAHA keyboard, reverb, amplifier and 8-track recorder/mixer to his studio over the summer. Some of the equipment was used in recording 'NUFF SAID, while some of the equipment was only recently received.

July 12th, 1996

After a year of planning, producing, and recording, Jugghead's solo debut 'NUFF SAID is finally finished! all 16 songs have been recorded on Waxo's new 8-track, and are currently awaiting master mixdown. There has been talk of finding someone who will invest enough money to self-distribute locally. Cross your fingers...

In other news, Jugghead's little brother Unseen has begun recording his debut album, entitled Do you believe?. This album will be his way of introducing a third section of SWAT team, his crew called Kaos, which features members Dizzy and Jaws.

June 24th, 1996

While Hook was spending a vacation week in Flint, M2S managed to get together and record some new tracks: a new Sonic Boom, a Sonic Boom Remix, and a new song called For those that slept. these three songs, plus an instrumental of the remix, will go on the Sonic Boom Single, which will be released sometime in September.

Also, While Will was in Flint, he managed to record some songs for Shay-D's SWAT team compilation album. So far, here is the list of completed songs:

  1. Reservoir Dogs (feat. Hook, Shay-D, Unseen, Mic-T, Waxo, jugghead)
  2. Freestyle (feat. Hook, Shay-D, Unseen, Mic-T, Waxo, Jugghead, Enterprise)
  3. SWAT intro
  4. Waxcamp interlude
  5. Know what I mean (By Hook)
  6. Army Fatigues(by Jugghead)
  7. FunkBanger (by Murdawepn)
  8. Flow (by Waxo)
M2S is planning on recording a song for the project called 'The great Midwest'.

May 18th, 1996

While M2S plans its next move, Waxo and Jugghead have officially begun production on Jugghead's solo debut, NUFF SAID. Four songs have been recorded so far, and the two are very pleased at the results. More recording shall be done as time permits.

May 5th, 1996

Ever since Februrary, M2S has been negotiating behind the scenes with Strictly Urban Recordings to get a deal where SUR would sign M2S to release a single of 'Sonic Boom', which will contain a remix, and a bonus song. Within the last week, the talks fell through, and SUR said that they would be able to distribute M2S nationwide, but recording and manufacturing would have to be paid for by the group. Since all four of the members will not have 4,000 dollars anytime soon, this is at best a far-away option.

February 11th, 1996

Well, last night M2S performed in the "Walk Together Soulful People" Talent show, and due to technical difficulties, neither M2S nor Maize & Blue were able to give the type of performance that they had expected of themselves, and only received a lukewarm response from the audience. This is a definite learinig experience for the four members, and they will use this knowledge to prevent a similar occurence the next time M2S performs.

January 30th, 1996

M2S will be performing in its first official live show on February 10th, 1996. The group will be performing Sonic Boom at the 25th annual "Walk Together Soulful People" talent showcase sponsored by The Bursley family, which is one of The University of Michigan's leading minority organizations. Also slated to perform are Maize & Blue (Devastator and Jugghead), who will perform another song off of their upcoming summer project.

January 11th, 1996

As we begin the new year, all of the copies of M2S have sold out much faster than expected. As soon as time permits, Waxo is going to have more copies made to distribute to the rest of our adoring fans!

November 28th, 1995

Two members of M2S have recently performed in a talent show sponsored by the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Devastator and Jugghead (b.k.a. Maize & Blue) Performed a duet song off of their upcoming summer project, and wound up winning third place in the contest. The prize money will go towards future M2S recordings.

November 19th, 1995

The copyrights are back, and now M2S is officially in business! Cassettes of RFTR are being sold at about five bucks each (which is a pretty good deal for fourteen songs), and if you would like to buy one, email either JuQuan or Deveron.

October 13th, 1995

The Duplicates have now been made, and now all that needs to be done are the copyrights. Once that is taken care of, M2S will (as was earlier said) officialy be in business.

October 4th, 1995

Finally, after a year of planning, working, and waiting, THE ALBUM IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!! Final mixdowns finished on October 2cnd, and currently an appointment is being set to duplicate 50 promotional copies of the album, along with a handful of CD's. If you would like a copy, Email either Devastator or Jugghead, and let them know.

October 1st, 1995

Good news, folks. Hook and Waxo (our two members in Flint) have just set an October 2cnd appointment to mix down the final songs of the album. RFTR should be copywritten about a week after mixdowns are finished, and once they get the copyright forms back (sometime in November), then M2S will officially be in business!!

Also, an exclusive deal has been made with university of Michgan TV station WOLV to appear in a televised interview, where the group will also perform a song off of the album. In addition to that, M2S is currently working with WOLV music director Joi Price to produce a music video of their planned single, M2 essence. Joi was the singer in that song.

September 15th, 1995

M2S has been letting people around tthe cities of Ann Arbor and Flint hear the as-yet unfinished album, and the response has been extremely favorable. Now, more than ever, the pressure is on M2S to get the final songs mixed down, since there is now a fairly large audience waiting for the album to come out.

August 31st, 1995

As time draws near for most of the members of M2S to return to school, the group comes even closer to completion of its goals. The album has been recorded onto ADAT, and final mixdown onto Digital audio cassete began this morning. Apparently the group had just enough time and money to complete 11 of the 14 songs in the album. The final 3 songs have been recorded, but are awaiting mixdown.

August 14th, 1995

Well, M2S is not going to get the financial backing that the group needs, but all of you L-RAIZAZ rest assured: we will NOT let that stop us. Since we were not able to find a willing investor, the group will just have to dig deep into their own pockets (which happen to be really shallow right now) and pay for everything themselves (unless, of course, some of you generous hip-hop fans out there would be so kind as to donate a few bucks to the development of a budding young rap group). Curently M2S is trying to set a date when they can go into a professional studio and lay down the vocals of their album.

August 1st, 1995

The Music for REACH FOR THE REWIND has been completed (Joi Price is scheduled to lay her vocals on one of the songs sometime this week) as well as the music for 'NUFF SAID. No word yet on whether we'll get the financial backing that the group needs, but if you would like to donate anything to help a budding talent (as well as get a free cd when the final product is released), send a donation to M2S Management

July 13th, 1995

M2S is finally underway!!! After a long period of preparation and 'wheeling&dealing', M2S has finally completed production on the music for their debut album, entitled Reach for the rewind. A close source on M2S's behalf introduced M2S to an investor that is interested in financially backing the album. A meeting has been set for August 24th, where Jugghead will present the demo EP, the completed designs for the CD and tape covers (stylistically put together by Hook and Jugghead), and a tape containing all of the music for the album, in hopes that the material will impress the potential investor enough to back the project. More news as it comes....

May 29th, 1995

Jugghead has just made a tentative arrangement with LaFace Records to make a special appearence on a song performed by their newest up-and-coming artist, For Real. The song is tentatively entitled Don't fool Yourself, and it's being written and produced by Jugghead's uncle Boaz Watson, who is also credited with writing the hit songs FREAK-A-ZOID, Love should've brought you home, and Turn down the lights.

May 1st, 1995

S.W.A.T. team has a D.J.!!! M2S's mentor Shawn Mitchell has made arrangements to hook M2S and RMF up with an up-and coming D.J. from Flint, MI named D.J. White Lightning. Although no one inside the group has heard any of his work, the word on the street is that he's pretty impressive. More news as it comes...

April 7th, 1995

I'd like to take this oppertunity to welcome two new members into the L-Hood clan. Our first new member is named Alena Green, but she goes by the stage name of D. UNKNOWN . She's a singer/rapper who is a junior at Michigan, and she attended Longfellow middle school from 1987 to 1989. She met up with Jugghead and Devastator during a benefit concert in Ann Arbor, and in addition to her own solo project entitled They said we couldn't make it , might be making a special guest appearence on either M2S's album, or Jugghead's solo debut album, 'NUFF SAID.
The other new member is named Joi Price , and even though she attended 'the L', she is also a longtime friend of the members of M2S. She is an aspiring vocalist who records with the acapella group called Amaizin' Blue, and she will be lending her angelic voice to one of the songs on M2S's debut album. The song is entitled M2-Essence, and no one really knows what the song is going to be about. If you have any ideas, please feel free to email one of the members with your ideas.

March 31st, 1995

M2S, along with RMF, is going to appear in a pet project created by RMF's founder, Shay-D this summer. It is a compilation album featuring solo songs by the members of RMF and M2S, and it will be called The SWAT team soundtrack. This will accompany a 30-minute biography video showcasing the members of S.W.A.T. team. There will be one all-new M2S song on the soundtrack, as well as solo songs from each of the members. The main song is a song performed by the whole S.W.A.T. team called Buckshot. Recording for the soundtrack begins in May, while filming for the video begins in Mid-June.

March 20th, 1995

For all of you that are attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, tune in to WOLV on your television to catch some of the latest M2S music. M2S has just made an agreement to provide background music to the Television station's sports hi-light shows. Now you can watch Maurice Taylor slam dunk while listening to your favorite M2S tunes!! The sports hi-lights will be put to M2S music in August.

March 18th, 1995

M2S as a group agreed to expand their EP into a full-length album. It will still be entitled Reach for The Rewind, but there will be more songs, and the original five songs will be remixed. writing of this album will begin immediately, and recording will begin sometime in May.

The song list is as follows (in no particular order):

  1. Don't mess with a Menace
  2. Mr. S
  3. Sonic Boom
  4. Everyday Chill
  5. Time 2 Blow up
  6. 'Till the Bitter end
  7. M2-Essence
  8. Kan U get with this?
  9. Guilty 'Till proven Innocent
  10. Enter the Void
  11. L-RAIZAZ
  12. Thruwitcha
  13. Subliminal

The album should be out in stores sometime next year, depending on how quickly we can find a distributor.

For the final word on M2S and the city of Flint, MI, click here.