LONGFELLOW RECORDS is a new label dedicated to distributing music from Flint, MI. Founded in 1999 by the members of M2S, Longfellow aims to give exposure to local acts by making their product available to audiences outside of Flint, MI via regional outlets, mail-order, mixtapes, and (eventually) internet sales.


The Longfellow Mixtape, no. 1
All New Artists. All original Music. All for Free.

This is a Free promotional mixtape/compilation/sampler featuring all-new music from the L-hood Music Conglomerate (members: Hook, Waxo, Devastator, Jugghead, PSMC, Philly Blunt, Sawdoff, Taj Mahal, Pryme, Direct, and Hellcat).

Length: 90 minutes.
Rlease Date: Mid-Spring 1999

M2S: The Word Association EP

This is the Debut EP by M2S, slated for regional release in Mid-late 1999. M2S plans to have a single from it on radios across the midwest by Fall 1999.

# of songs: 8
Release Date: Fall 1999

The 31st Clique

Spearheaded by Juggehad's cousin Dizzy, this will be the independent debut of 'the Carman-Answorth kids'. It will feature guest appearences by Waxo, Juggehad, and Unseen, and will have some tracks produced by The Waxcamp.

Release Date: Summer 2000

copyright 1998 L-Hood. All rights reserved.

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