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The U-M Residential College welcomes

Element 3
Artists-in-Residence from Germany Sept 25- Sept.30, 2006

• photos

description of the project

an interview with Margarethe Mehring-Fuchs

• an article about the visit on the Element-3 website (auf Deutsch)


8 pm 124 East Quad - Free. Open to the public.

• Documentary film Die Judenschublade Junge Juden in Deutschland (The Jews Drawer: Young Jews in Germany; 60 min. Grm w/ Eng. subtitles), followerd by a discussion with film maker Margarethe Mehring-Fuchs and composer Ro Kuijpers. Event Poster (help us advertise)

9/26 • Class visits with students enrolled in the RC German Program and RC Core 100 "The Self, the Other and the Self as Other" (Hegman Shier)

• Hip hop demonstration and jam session with students enrolled in RC Hums 252 "Music Improvisation (Kirschenmann)

• Film screening, hip hop and break dancing performance at the Neutral Zone, 310 E. Washington. 5:30. THE NEUTRAL ZONE SHOW WAS CANCELLED BUT WE WILL BE AT THE YPSIILANTI CORNER BREWERY tonight after 8 PM. FREE.

• Film screening of : Die Judenschublade as part of the Projectorhead series at Screen Arts and Culture, 7 p.m. Free and open to the public.


8 pm RC Auditorium - Free. Open to the public.

• Film screening: Zwischen Rap und Ramadan: Junge Muslime in Freiburg (Between Rap and Ramadan: Young Muslims in Freiburg, Germany; 30 min. Grm. with English subtitles), followed by hip hop and break dancing performance and discussion with the audience : The integration of Muslims and Jews in today's Germany and the Role of Hip Hop Activism in the fight against xenophobia.

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