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I doubt anyone will ever see this, but what the hell

this is the first time i have tried html...i have nothing else to do....and i am sick of people telling me "silly Lars, HTML is for kids"(like Trix)...yeah, HTML isnt good......its brings out the tiger in me, and yOu....i hope you are familiar with cereal commercials that aired in the years 1982-1993....ive really got to come up with some content here dont i?....i can tell you are about ready to hit the "back" button on your browser.....but dont.... give me a chance, you may be the only person that ever finds this homepage.....i need you....listen...i am a student at the University of Michigan majoring in Computer Engineering...what? didnt find that interesting?.... shit... umm....... my sister is going to Denmark in 1 week.....what? dont care about my sister?....ok....youre right....maybe i dont deserve to have a homepage is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get...but you can be pretty sure you aren't going to like it....i think boxes of chocolates need more carmel covered stuff, whats up with the jelly and cream filled shit? one eats those, they all end up in the trash, or sitting in the box with a hole poked in the bottom....don't look at me, i didnt do it....i swear...ok, i did it to a couple, but someone else did the rest...this is the temporary end...future beginning...

Dont say maybe

you can call me crazy

do you have a question for me?

if so, i'd sure as hell like to hear it...i dont care what you ask me, it can be about me or you, your mom, or your dead cat you ran over with your car (slick move). You know "Adam and Dr. Drew"?, well they are too damn busy to answer your question, so just send them to not going to answer it, or even read it....but sometimes its just good to write these things know, to improve your handwriting.....what?.... you're using a computer?...oh, nevermind.

A few quick facts:

90% of all Homepage backgrounds are ugly

Mine isn't because it's white, white goes with everything

The above is just an excuse because I don't know how to change the background color yet, but when i do, you can be sure i'll have the ugliest background you've ever seen

101 reasons why white sucks:

1. it stains easy

c. white is supposed to be a mixture of all colors, but when you mix all your colored paint together, you just get a greyish mud color, not white

5. Ok, so I dont have 101 reasons, I've just got 3 good

<- thats me by the way...

Some things i enjoy:

writing, drawing, skiing, roller hockey, outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, jumping off bridges, riding motorcycles, tho mine is broken now, playing guitar, tho i havent picked it up in 3 months, no i wont play you a song, cos i suck, messing with things till i break them, trying to fix the things ive broken, blaming it on my 6yr old brother when i cant fix them, computer programming, sleeping, the night, and maybe some other stuff...

I'm surprised at how easy it was to publish this people, i need email:

L A R S ' H O M E P A G E

1/17/98- I've been trying to think of a reason to have a homepage, or I don't know, something useful I could do with it. But I can't really think of anything...I could put a bunch of links on it, but I can't really think of any site on the web thats so special, and I'm sure that you wouldn't care anyways....maybe that's my problem, you just don't seem to care about anything i do here, i think i am the only person who has visted my site...besides the people i paid to go to it to run up the counter....maybe i am just in a bad mood...maybe i am just not creative enough....or maybe my lack of creativity is what makes me so creative...but most likely, that is just a circular reference and doesnt make sense....but you dont give me much to work with, you have an attention span of about 2 seconds...which means I lost you about 5 minutes ago and everything i am doing here is pointless...which is not what i want...see no one is even seeing doesnt matter...Maybe I am just going through the same stages that everyone goes through when they make a homepage, at first I was like "Hey, this is easy...and everyone can come see it"...then I was like "Hey, this is pointless...everyone can come see it, but they won't"...well, at least it was easy, so I didnt waste too much time....if you have read this far, there is really something wrong with you....but thanks, i appreciate it, you are making me feel all warm inside...

I'll be back, but i dont like the way that this is so one sided, homepages are a two way street, and if you think about it long enough, like i have, you will see that everything has to go two ways, because everything has to be know? say more, but, you know...yeah., know...blah

heres your god damn link Canada - I dont know where it goes...but it probably doesnt suck as much as my go for it

and heres some color....dont say i never did anything for you

1/20/98- I am abandoning this page for a while due to lack of interest...ill leave you with a qoute from soundgarden "the words you say never seem to live up to the ones inside your head, the lives we live never seem to get us anywhere but dead..."...and also this wonderful picture given to me by a girl that i am going to call, for lack of a better word, "the bomb" -------->

isnt it cute?


1/26/98- Ok, I was going to abandon this place, but that was before I realized you guys would probably turn it into a crack house or something, if you want to make crack, thats fine, just do it in your own home

Here is a drawing my little brother Mike did -->

I am the proud parent of an honor roll Student at Tapan Middle School

Please help us reach our goal of 23,400,598.2 ...even tho it wont fit on the counter

Mean people suck
This is a secret message, cool huh?
Lights Out

Lights On

Isn't it nicer with the lights off?....

Make sure you turn the lights back on before you go so it looks like someone is home...the crime is pretty bad around here

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There are crazy people in the world .