[ m a i n    f e e d b a c k    w r i t i n g    a r t    v i s u a l s    r a n d o m    n e w    m a p ]

"this is me on my motorcycle drive by, the cigarette ash flies in your eyes and you don't mind, you smile", I could cry and I wish I knew why, but I feel like I am alive, and I feel like nothing matters but you, and that is what gets me through, when I am blue, my worries disappear in your eyes and and the rest of the world dies when you touch me and I am free, when i cant see, but I just feel and it is real, without you I couldnt deal, I would fall down and my life would just be a sound that echoes round and round for no one to hear and that is what I fear, and sometimes I feel like I dont care but my feelings for you are always there and havent I been here before only last time I thought this time I would know more, but no matter how far up I go there is always something more that i should have known, sometimes I try to wear myself inside out but there is nothing there but I dont care, it may escape me but I know it is there...

you are up, i am down.
i am lost, you are found
you can swim, i just    . drown

he met this girl. he likes her a lot. he pays a lot of attention to her. he takes her out to dinner, brings her flowers, and buys her gifts. every so often he looks at her and thinks "god, shes perfect, i dont ever want to lose her". he asks her to marry him. she says yes. he is happy. time passes. he thinks it is no longer important for him to show her how he feels about her. he thinks, she already knows i love her, i dont have to say it, and what is the point of buying her flowers. so instead he takes the money and buys himself a couple of drinks after work. then he goes home and beats her because he had a bad day. every so often he looks at her, bruised and crying in the corner, and thinks, "damn, i guess she likes the flowers better"...

in the above, i am not at all trying to blame violence on alcohol....i dont care how drunk a person gets, they can still tell the difference between a person and a punching bag...i am also not saying that guys need to buy girls flowers, just think of the flowers as being symbolic...

everything will be ok
i dont want you anyways
that is what i always say
ill forget you someday
im just in the way
makes no difference what i say
i dont care anymore
if i could
The signs to look for in a battering personality: 1 Jealousy, 2 Sudden emotional dependency/attachment, 3 Controling behavior, 4 Isolation, 5 Blames others for problems, 6 Breaking or striking of objects, 7 Blames others for feelings, 8 Any use of force during arguement, 9 Unrealistic expectations, 10 Verbal abuse, 11 Ridgid sex roles, 12 Past battering, 13 Threats of violence.
what he says.........................................................what he means
1 why do you always talk to other guys behind my back?................i am insecure
2 what do you mean we're going too quick, you dont like me?...........i am insecure
3 listen, i told you not to go anywhere tonight, dont you listen?.....i am insecure
4 i thought i told you not to go anywhere without me..................i am insecure
5 you keep distracting me, i cant do my job...........................i am never to blame
6 yeah i broke the vase, you made me angry............................i am never to blame
7 i cant help it, you made me mad.....................................i lack self control
8 you dont understand words? maybe you will will understand my fists..i lack self control
9 you dont spend enough time with me, quit seeing your friends .......i am selfish and insecure
10 you worthless piece of shit........................................i am a worthless piece of shit
11 women are inferior, stay home and cook.............................i am threatened by your success
12 yeah sure i hit her, she was a bitch, i wouldnt hit you............i will hit you
13 you're lucky i dont just break your god damn neck..................i will eventually break your neck

50% of all dating women have been in a physically abusive relationship. what can you do

hi, my name is cocaine, 
i am your friend.
take me inside you,
i will make you feel good.
jump off a building,
you can fly.
hi, my name is concrete,
i am your friend.
i can be kinda hard sometimes,
but dont let that stop you.
oh, you did?...well, someone had to stop you.

nothing matters because there is nothing to gain
life is a waste
life is a drain
no matter what story you write the ending is always the same

i want to give, i want to take
i want to love, i want to hate
i want to live, i want to die
i want to fall, i want to fly
i want silience and i want to yell
i want heaven and i want hell
i want good, i want bad
i want happy, i want sad
i want it short and i want it tall
cant you see? i want nothing and i want it all.

i want light, i want dark
i want to drive and i want to park
but i cant find any parking places
people should think of parking when they build cities

oh damn, you made him cry.
you should have told the truth
but no, you had to lie.
oh shit, you let him die.
why did you knock him down
when you could have taught him to fly?
oh fuck, you've killed yourself.
but it wasn't your fault
he just couldn't be helped.

but i do
looks like i missed the sign
looks like it isnt fair
looks like i fell behind
looks like i dont care

Her name is Chelsea. I like her. We always get along. I feel so free and comfortable when im around her. She doesnt care about anything. But i know she likes me because she always wants to be near me. Sometimes she cries when i go away. Sometimes we go on walks. But she always wants to run. Shes playful. I like that. She is so pretty. Sometimes i just look into her eyes and i feel something...something i cant explain. Sometimes we just sit together. We dont say anything. We dont have to, we already know what the other is thinking. Its cool like that.......yeah, Chelsea is a great dog...

when I make toast I use bread
when I die I am dead
when I get cut I see red
I sleep in a bed

push me punch me kick me kill me

people have made it into the deep end of the pool

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