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Last updated on December 23, 2003

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The University of Michigan Library is a depository for publications of the United States Government, State of Michigan, United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Asian Development Bank, South Pacific Commission and the Government of Canada. Depository status ensures receipt of the majority of important documents, though not all. The Law Library is the depository for the European Union. Depository Item Selections.
In addition, the Library subscribes to publications of several international agencies and selectively purchases publications of other states and nations.
Government publications are integrated into the collections of the various campus libraries.

Government Resources on the Web

Federal Government Documents in the News
Foreign Governments
International Organizations
State Governments
Local Governments

Related Resources

Government Resources In the Documents Center

Bibliographies, Indexes and Directories for All Levels of Government

Federal and Michigan Laws and Regulations

United Nations Publications
  • Official Records Mimeographed Publications in paper and microform
United States Congressional Publications
  • Current committee hearings in paper
  • Current committee prints, reports and documents in paper
  • Hearings, prints, reports, and documents on microfiche since 1789
  • The Congressional Record
  • Congressional bills since 1979
Electronic Resources
  • World Development Indicators CD-ROM
  • Census and National Trade Data Bank CD-ROMS
  • Congressional, Statistical and Academic Universe
  • Access UN, 1946+
  • Digital National Security Archive and Declassified Documents
  • U.S. Decennial and Economic Censuses (paper and CD-ROM)
  • Current federal statistics
  • Population census from around the world, 1778 to the present
  • Statistical abstracts from around the world
  • Federal, state, business, and international statistics microfiche
Documents Center Holdings as of May 1997
  • Printed Volumes: 28,486
  • Microfiche Sheets: 1,282,320
  • Microfilm Reels: 2,628
  • Microprint Sheets: 58,320
  • CD-ROMS: 540
  • Web Pages Maintained by Documents Center: 180
  • Additional Text Files on the Web: 850

Documents Center Locations

The Documents Center Reading Room (map) includes:
  • Key reference materials (directories, bibliographies, Congressional research sources) against the west wall opposite the entrance
  • Statistical reference sources (current Population and Economic Censuses, foreign and international compendiums) against the north wall to the right of the entrance
  • LEXIS, Census, United Nations, Congressional Masterfile, Statistical Masterfile, and three MIRLYN/Web workstations
  • Two microfiche/film reader-printers and a microprint reader
The Documents Center Stack Area (map)
behind the reading room houses:
  • The Congressional, statistical, and United Nations microform collections
  • Congressional hearings for the past six years in paper copy
  • United Nations Official Records, mimeographed publications and reference material
  • The remaining stack area
  • Photocopier

Locating Government Documents

The publications of most local, state, foreign and international governments are represented in MIRLYN. MIRLYN also provides web access to all campus, State of Michigan, and Big 10 libraries. Subject headings, authors, and URLs are hot-linked.

While many federal documents are also listed, others are maintained in separate uncataloged collections and arranged by their own internal numbering systems. Records for segments of the Congressional and United Nations collection are only found in the Documents Center catalog.
The Detroit Area Library Network catalog, DCAT in the REMOTE section of MIRLYN, is a good source for identifying federal government documents that the University of Michigan Library may have in uncataloged form.

Public Affairs Information Service, PAIS in the INDEXES section of MIRLYN, indexes books, articles, and government documents on politics and economics.
Consult the Documents staff for assistance in locating any government publication not readily identified in MCAT.


The Documents Center provides reference assistance during the hours listed above with more extensive search assistance available by appointment.

The staff can assist faculty in designing research assignments and offer classroom instruction given a minimum two week notice.

Appointments for bibliographic data base searches covering federal documents and Michigan legislation can be arranged at the Documents Center Desk.

Related Campus Collections

Several libraries on the University of Michigan campus house significant collections of government documents, including:

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Grace York, Coordinator, Documents Center
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