Session 9: May 5, 2001


Wendi Strang-Frost as GM
John Schleick as GM
Lisamarie Babik as Lulu Le Beau
Kevin Collins as Baby Dewey AKA Rommel
Kris Fazzari as Claire AKA Sylvia Van Horn née Darby AKA "Static"
Sean Frost as T.M. Smith, AKA "Mr. Lucky"
Liam Hoekenga as "Scary Poppins"
Matt Spielman as Agent Jonathan Mitchel Smith
Andy Prill as Dirk Steel
George Rabick as Tom A. Stockton AKA "Fallout"
Matthew Richardson as Naomi Reed Kline


Captain Krenshaw, Army Captain
Ned Macabee, Lulu Le Beau's lawyer
Valentine Van Horn, evil billionaire gadgeteer


"We're going to be going 120 miles an hour or so. I've got good reflexes, right?" -- Dirk to GM Wendi

"That's OK, I'm a very fast learner. We have those types in the government." -- Agent Smith to the computer techs

"You're the worst gadget guy I've ever seen. Don't you have some techno-babble to throw at this problem?" -- Agent Smith to T.M.

"Didn't I destroy that (robot design)?" -- T.M.
"You thought you did." -- GM John

"You take 15 stun and 2 body." -- GM Wendi to T.M.
"Ouch!" -- everyone
"And then the next robot fires." -- GM Wendi

"I survived a round of combat!" -- T.M.
"Yay!!!" -- everyone

"Can I dodge the ceiling?" -- Dirk to GM Wendi

"That's what Olympians do." -- Dirk to the group, after backflipping away from the exploding robots
"Dodge shrapnel?" -- Kris

"We are far more effective than the Mystery Men." -- Matthew R.
"We certainly blow up our secret headquarters much more quickly." -- Kris

"(Static) needs an entangle attack. Static Cling." -- Sean to the group

"(Naomi) called me a robot." -- Dirk
"You are a robot." -- Claire
"Shut up!" -- Dirk

"Bad baby!" -- Ned
"Bad lawyer!" -- Baby Dewey
"Not bad lawyer, bad baby!" -- Lulu
"Bad lawyer, bad mother!" -- Baby Dewey
"Bad baby, crazy fucking nanny!" -- Lulu

"Evil people don't whine." -- Matthew R.
"Wait, Lulu's evil, she whines." -- Kris
"She doesn't whine, she shrieks." -- Matthew R.

"I'm not smart enough to lie." -- Dirk to the group

"Tom's the other guy who lacks social skills. I was rich and spoiled. (He) ate squirrels. It's about the same thing." -- Dirk to the group

"Friends don't draw dotted lines on other friends' heads." -- T.M.
"I just wanted to get your attention." -- Valentine Van Horn
"Some people just send candy." -- Matthew R.

"You will be given a stipend from the government to see to any of your personal needs." -- Captain Krenshaw to the group
"Any?" -- T.M.

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